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Methodist Healthcare Minor Medical Centers offer treatment for a variety of illnesses and injuries that can strike you or your family without warning.

Minor Medical Services
Our Centers are designed to provide convenient, fast treatment and services for all ages, from children to grandparents. Because we have lab and X-ray equipment, most illnesses and mishaps, can be handled on site. In most cases, you can get the treatment you need without going to a hospital emergency room.

Our physicians are qualified and experienced to treat your injuries and illnesses with the quality of care you expect. If you have a primary care physician at the time of your visit, we may advise that you follow up with your regular physician after receiving Minor Medical care.

Methodist Minor Medical Centers accept most insurance plans without a referral, including Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare and many more. VISA and MasterCard are also accepted. Under most plans, co-payments and deductibles are due at the time you receive service. If you are enrolled in an insurance plan that requires pre-authorization of services by your primary care physician, we will try to get that approval for you during your doctor's normal business hours. If you visit us in the evening, on weekends or holidays, it is your responsibility to contact your physician the next business day for authorization. Being familiar with your own insurance plan will help you get the most from your coverage benefits.

You never need to call for an appointment - just walk in.

Flu Shots
Methodist Minor Medical Centers can help protect you against the flu. Learn more and get a coupon for $5 off your flu shot.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Jeff Lowery     
               Jeff Lowery, M.D.

Karen Shauger, NP
        Karen Shauger, FNP 

Dr. Louis Reiss  
               Louis Reiss, M.D. 


We treat a variety of illnesses and injuries that can strike you or your family without warning. That includes anything from a fever, the flu, or a bee sting reaction, to muscle sprains, bumps and bruises, fractures and cuts. Whether these injuries happen in the home, at play or on the job, we can care for them.

Careers at Methodist Minor Medical Centers

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