Physical Therapy

Published On 07/11/2011

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Physical therapy focuses on returning a person to the highest level of mobility and movement possible. Physical therapists evaluate muscle tone, movement, balance, endurance, ability to walk, ability to plan motor movements, strength and coordination.

We provide hands-on treatment to help return normal movement to joints and muscles and gives instruction about exercises to help heal and strengthen the body. Treatment may include physical or mechanical means, such as exercise, heat, or mild electrical current.

Physical therapists also use devices such as prosthetics (artificial limbs), orthotics (braces and supports), and equipment to help a person in daily life. Typically, a referral by a physician is required for physical therapy at one of our locations. 

Low-Intensity Rehabilitation Program

The low-intensity rehabilitation program's focus is on meeting the nursing care needs while strengthening and increasing the patient's tolerance for intense therapy. The highlight of the low-intensity rehabilitation program is a nursing staff outfitted with the critical skills to manage medically complex patients.