Transplant Research

Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute, in partnership with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, is dedicated to research in the field of organ transplantation, led by Dr. Valeria Mas and her world-class team of researchers.

We are home to our own Translational Research lab where we are working to make an impact in the field of transplantation. Our current transplant-related research efforts focus on transplant tolerance, genomics, transplants in patients with cancer and ischemia reperfusion.

We are proud to be involved in several National Institutes of Health-funded grants and the recipients of a $20 million endowment to expand the goals of our research institute further. 


Contact Us

To make an appointment or to learn more about the James D. Eason Transplant Institute, please call 901-478-9183 or 866-805-7710

James D. Eason Transplant Institute
1265 Union Avenue, 4 Shorb
Memphis, TN 38104