Insurance and Transplant Related Expenses

Methodist Financial Case Managers are available throughout your transplant journey to help you understand the costs associated with transplantation and organ donation. They can ease your financial worries by answering common insurance questions. Most insurance coverages have pre-determined benefits for transplant evaluation, surgery and pharmacy. Your insurance company will likely pay a large portion of your transplant costs. Your out-of-pocket costs will depend on your coverage. 

There may be additional transplant-related expenses, not covered by your insurance. We recommend that you plan ahead for any additional expenses, such as:

  • Loss of income due to leave of absence from work
  • Child care (if appropriate)
  • Transportation to and from the hospital and for clinic visits
  • Accommodation expenses or temporary housing expenses associated with being accessible to the Transplant Institute (for you and your family members)
  • Food expenses for you and your family support team
  • Post transplant medication expenses
  • Post transplant follow up tests and appointments

The financial case manager will help you plan for these expenses and can help link you with  resources such. For information on fundraising, you can reach out to National Foundation for Transplants. 

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