Guest Guide

Information for visiting a patient

Family and friends give our patients the love and support they need to get better, and we encourage you to play an active role.

Partners In Care

You can choose two family members and/or friends to be listed in your medical record as partners in care.

Intensive Care / Critical Care Unit Policies

While your loved one is in ICU, we’re taking extra special care of them—with the highest number of nurses focused on our patients’ every need.

Interpreting / Language Services

We provide free interpreting services to patients and their partners in care.

Quality Measures

As a learning organization, we continue to challenge ourselves with new certifications, accreditations, and partnerships each year. Combined, they not only strengthen the quality of care we deliver to patients, but the quality of care pathways that stretch across our community.

Our Hospitals

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Methodist University Hospital

1265 Union Ave.
Memphis , TN 38104


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Methodist South Hospital

1300 Wesley Dr.
Memphis , TN 38116


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Methodist Olive Branch Hospital

4250 Bethel Rd.
Olive Branch , MS 38654


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Methodist North Hospital

3960 New Covington Pike
Memphis , TN 38128


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Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital

7691 Poplar Ave.
Germantown , TN 38138


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Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

848 Adams Ave.
Memphis , TN 38103


Advice for Family & Friends

Family Presence/Visiting Guidelines

Patient Rooms and Critical Care/ICU

There are no set visiting hours. Partners in Care and close family may be with patients 24/7. Other guests are welcome according to the patient’s preference (including Critical Care/ICU) between 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. to respect quiet time and sleeping hours. Hours may vary on some units and floors. Please check with the nurses’ station if you have questions.

How We Define Family & Guests

We understand that who you regard as your family may not be traditional family members. Family is defined as anyone the patient says is family. These individuals are support persons who may or may not be legally related to the patient. Guests are acquaintances, or perhaps a friend of the patient, who want to visit in the hospital for a short time.

Children Visiting the Hospital

Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult and should check in at the nursing station. Because children can unknowingly pass along illnesses, a nurse may give the child a quick medical screening. Children may not understand a loved one’s condition. If you would like help preparing your child for a visit, the hospital Chaplain can help.

Tobacco-free Policy

We want to maintain the healthiest possible environment for patients, employees and visitors. As part of a city-wide initiative involving nearly every hospital in our area, individuals may not use any type of tobacco product on our campuses—including hospitals, parking lots/decks, sidewalks, and in cars on hospital property.

Take Care of Yourself!

  • Both you and your loved one need rest, quiet time and nutrition. Poor nutrition and lack of sleep will make you weak, able to think less clearly and feel the effect of stress more strongly.
  • Give the nurse your contact information or write it on the whiteboard in the room before you leave the hospital to take a break. Make sure you have phone numbers for the nurses’ station and your loved one’s attending physician.
  • Take shifts with other family or friends if you feel the patient needs someone at the bedside all the time.

Plan for Discharge

  • Begin asking questions about the patient’s discharge early. It is very important to plan ahead.
  • If you plan to help the patient recover at home, spend time at the hospital to learn how. If there are special care needs like changing dressings or giving shots, you’ll need time to learn and practice with the nurses.


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