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Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare is committed to creating services, programs and resources within and outside of the hospital walls to address critical healthcare needs and disparities of our community. Our community health initiatives are grounded in our faith-based mission and driven by our commitment to addressing the critical needs of our community through research-based, innovative approaches to health. 

In 2006, Methodist formed the Congregational Health Network (CHN) to establish covenant relationships between the healthcare system and Mid-South congregations. Methodist’s CHN now provides a network of 580 congregations and faith communities that partner with the healthcare system through trusting relationships to share the ministry of caring for patients - helping people navigate the journey from home to medical care and back. The goal of the CHN is to intentionally build stronger relationships and bridges between local faith communities and Methodist in order to improve the patient journey and to build healthier communities. The CHN provides ongoing support to every congregation from a dedicated CHN navigator who offers information, health screenings, education and support to guide Pastors and their congregations to improved health awareness, access to healthcare resources, and overall well-being.

With the success of the CHN, Methodist expanded our community health initiatives through a strategic approach to health within a targeted community. The 38109 ZIP code was identified as the most complex, high poverty community within our service region. With little access to community-based resources, high rates of chronic disease, and high utilization of healthcare, Methodist implemented two research-driven demonstration projects to address the specific healthcare needs of this community:

Wellness Without Walls: community healthcare events and activities that provide education and resources, wellness screenings, and follow-up navigation to complex, underserved patients. Following each monthly event, Methodist community health navigators review health screening information collected from community members to: identify each individual's health needs, assist them in accessing available resources, connect them to primary care, and promote changed behaviors to improve their wellness. 

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Familiar Faces: navigation initiative that connects highly complex patients with a community health navigator who provides personalized navigation to address the patients’ holistic needs. Methodist identifies patients for the Familiar Faces navigation program based on their healthcare utilization history. This program focuses on providing navigation support to the highest healthcare utilizers who have complex healthcare and social needs and who reside within the 38109 ZIP code. The goal is to create a trusting partnership between the navigator and the patient in order to identify the patient’s holistic needs as well as their barriers to health in order to improve their health awareness and self-maintenance, reduce their healthcare utilization and improve their quality of life.

Charitable contributions to support our community-based health improvement initiatives will help enhance program resources, support program expansion, and facilitate continued research and innovation in order to improve the health of our community and to combat critical healthcare disparities. 

For information on how you can make a gift to benefit Methodist’s Community Health Initiatives, please contact Paula Jacobson at 901-516-0503 or

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