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Research by Sinai Urban Health Institute, the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, and Avon Foundation Cancer Crusade identified Memphis as having the largest disparity of breast cancer mortality rates between non-Hispanic Black and non-Hispanic White women out of the 25 largest cities in the United States. In order to work to reduce the factors related to racial differences leading to this population health disparity, Methodist  created the Navigating Underserved Women to Better Breast Care program to increase breast cancer awareness and screenings among uninsured, under-served women in the Mid-South.

The Navigating Women to Better Breast Health Program provides education, navigation, and access to free mammography screenings, diagnostics and treatment to reduce the risk of undiagnosed breast cancers among underserved and uninsured women. The program utilizes Methodist’s relationships with community congregations through the Congregational Health Network (CHN), efforts of community health navigators, Methodist’s dedicated Cancer Navigator, and the community education specialists to disseminate information, improve community awareness and trust, and bring more at-risk women to breast health screenings.

Charitable contributions in support of Cancer Care will help continue the Navigating Underserved Women to Better Breast Care program in order to reduce this critical healthcare disparity in Memphis.

For information on how you can make a gift to benefit cancer care initiatives, please contact Paula Jacobson at 901-516-0503 or

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