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Meet Jack Morris, A Hospice Hero Who Makes Time to Help

Jack MorrisThere’s a clock on the sign in front of every location of Jack Morris Auto Glass. Jack will tell you it started as a way to convince city officials to allow him to have a bigger sign when he opened his first location on Union Ave. in 1951. Spend some time with him though, and the clock takes on a new meaning. Time is precious to Jack, and he spends a lot of his helping others—including Methodist Healthcare.

“A long time ago, I decided a percentage of every day was going to be spent doing something for others,” Jack says. “I choose not to play golf or fish or hunt. I choose doing this, because I like it better.”

Jack’s “this” includes countless projects and causes, but today he’s particularly passionate about the Methodist Hospice Residence.

“If someone had all the money in the world, I don’t think they could duplicate in their home what we have in the hospice residence,” said the 82-year-old Hospice Hero. “Hospice is for everybody. We want to help everybody. And that’s why we need to raise these funds.”

Jack is a Memphis native who has given his time and talent to countless causes. A long-time member of Christ United Methodist Church, he accepted a seat on the Methodist Healthcare board when his church asked him to serve.

“I've been asked to do a lot of things I don't have time to do,” Jack said. “But I've never said 'no’ to my church.”

His days on Methodist boards are over, but the idea of a hospice residence intrigued him right away. About the time he learned of plans for the Residence, his son John’s wife, Nancy, was diagnosed with brain cancer. After surgeries here and in Texas, she was given six months to live.

“Six months became two-and-a-half years,” Jack said. “Let me tell you what. It was not a pleasure for her, and it wasn’t a pleasure for her family. They converted her bedroom into a hospital room and my son had to lift her up to take her to the bathroom.”

His family’s experience inspired him to help financially with the construction of the Methodist Hospice Residence. The facility’s conference room is named in his honor and the room features a photograph of a sunrise over the Memphis skyline taken by Nancy’s son and his grandson, Buck.

“The fact that Methodist did that residence, I think is one of the finest things in Memphis that people just don’t pay enough attention to,” Jack said. “We needed something better than what my son and his wife and family went through.”

The Residence and the focus on Faith and Health are just two of many reasons Jack believes so much in the Methodist mission. “I think it's just one of the finest hospitals in the country” he says. “Methodist is a big reason that Memphis is a great place to live.”

Jack Morris and his gift of time is another. You can become a Hospice Hero like Jack. For a limited time, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Jack Morris’ life of service in Memphis includes 10 years on the Methodist Healthcare board, two years on the Methodist Healthcare Foundation board, two years as board chair of the Regional Medical Center at Memphis, chair of the MLGW board, two years in the Tennessee Legislature, Secretary of the Shelby County Election Commission and president of the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce.

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