For Long-time Methodist Hospice Supporters, Giving is a Gift

Ann-Jim-ForbisSupporting organizations like Methodist Hospice is simply the right thing to do, according to Ann and Jim Forbis.

“It has been a passion of ours for a long time to try to give back in as many ways as we can for the blessings we have received. We have been bountifully blessed over and over again,” explained Jim.

Married for 35 years with four children, five grandchildren and a sixth on the way, and a successful business, CFH Financial Services, the Forbises do have many blessing in their lives. For these blessings, it’s important to them to give generously of their time, talent and treasure to others.

“Growing up in North Carolina during the time of tenant farmers in the early 1950’s and 60’s, I can remember mother and daddy feeding people from the kitchen door. They never had much, but what they had, they always shared. So, if I could give one lesson to my children it would be to share until you hurt, or think you’re going to, and then share some more, because what we find out is there’s absolutely no way to out-give God,” Jim explained.

The Forbises support of Methodist Hospice started over 10 years ago when Jim’s client, Anne Johnson, shared her vision for building a hospice residence in Memphis. Jim and Mrs. Johnson started meeting with a group of other interested community members and traveled to other hospice residences to learn more. When their group learned of Methodist’s efforts to create a hospice residence, they quickly decided to get involved. As soon as land was donated to the project, they kicked off the capital campaign for the Methodist Hospice Residence.

Around this time, the woman who helped care for Ann and Jim’s youngest son became ill and received hospice care before passing away. Then, Ann’s father passed away in hospice care at Methodist.

“We were being touched along the way through these experiences, and we began to personally see what a huge benefit, service, mission and spiritual opportunity to serve hospice really was,” shared Jim. 

The Forbises have continued to support the hospice program. For four years, Ann helped organize the Red Slipper Golf Tournament, an annual fundraising event for Methodist Hospice.

“When we played, we played hard. When we worked, we worked harder! It was just fun to meet so many different people who were connected to hospice in so many ways,” Ann shared.

Realizing that they were giving to Methodist Hospice and other charities on a regular basis, Ann and Jim looked for a way to enhance their support.

“We decided to do a 15-year charitable lead trust. We put money in on an ongoing basis. Every year the assets are evaluated, and we contribute a percentage of the proceeds to four charities, of which Methodist has always been one,” Jim explained.

Ann added, “I think most people - and I was one of them - hear the word ‘trust’, and they think ‘Oh, you’ve got to have a lot of money to have a trust.’ That is just not true, and I think that is information that people need to know.”

Ann and Jim are grateful to be able to support the organizations they are passionate about, and they want others to know they can do the same. 

“I think there are more ways to give than people recognize. Many people think they can’t give their treasure or don’t know how to give their treasure. For the charitable lead trust, we receive a tax benefit that makes giving easier - not only rewarding but easier,” Jim shared.

“Through our experience of giving, we’re rewarded in ways we never anticipated. I don’t think you can reach out a hand and help somebody and not be helped yourself.”

Photo: From helping create the Methodist Hospice Residence to their ongoing support of the mission of quality end of life care for all, Ann and Jim Forbis are a model of compassionate generosity.