Your Care Team

Many people will care for you while you’re in the hospital. We’re trained to introduce ourselves and explain our part in your care when we enter your room. If someone enters your room without doing so, you can call the nursing station for assistance.

Physician Team

Attending Doctor – The doctor who leads your care.

Consulting Specialty Doctor – Specialized doctor who works with admitting doctor.

Hospitalist – A doctor who works at the hospital and helps coordinate care with your physician and other providers. 

Nursing Team

Registered Nurse (RN) – Your primary nurse who coordinates your care at the bedside. You may also receive visits from other nurses such as licensed practical nurses or nurse externs.

Medical Assistants – Assist with your basic daily care and safety needs. He or she helps the nurse by performing various patient care duties, such as changing bed linens or assisting you to the restroom.

Nursing Leader – Clinical Directors and Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) supervise daily care in the unit. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, ask to see your PCC. 

Other Medical Professionals

Radiology – Performs your X-ray, scans and various other procedures.

Laboratory – A phlebotomist from the lab may come to draw blood for testing.

Pharmacists – Review and assist with your medications.

Dietitians – Provide specialized meal plans and education. 

Therapy Team

Occupational Therapy – Helps patients return to the activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy – Helps with strengthening and conditioning.

Respiratory Therapy – Delivers breathing treatments and respiratory care.

Speech Therapy – Helps patients with swallowing and speaking.

Care Coordination Team

Case Manager – Helps to coordinate your care and discharge plans throughout your hospital stay. Case managers work closely with nurses and social workers to ensure that you are receiving the level of care you need.

Social Workers – Can be reached to support you and your family during your illness. They may also help with plans for home care services after you leave the hospital and can help you find community resources.

Patient Advocate – Represents the patient’s needs and makes an effort to visit every patient. Should you have any problem or concerns with the care you are receiving, please let the patient advocate know.

Other Support

Environmental Services/ Housekeeping – Keep your room and bathroom clean with daily visits

Food Service Professionals – Take your meal orders and deliver your food trays throughout the day.

Transporters – Take you to and from tests and procedures.

Patient Access Representatives – Check you into the hospital and enter insurance information.

Chaplains – Chaplains from many faith backgrounds provide spiritual support including counseling and sacramental ministry.

Interpreters – Provide translation services.

Volunteers – Help family and friends visiting the hospital and keep up with a library of reading materials.