Third Party Requestors

To request a copy of a patient’s medical record please submit your HIPAA compliant request and authorization form, or Methodist’s Medical Authorization to: 

Request for Hospital Records     Request for Clinic records- ULPS/UTMP
MLHC- Medical Records     MLHC-Medical Records
PO Box 40628 50 North Dunlap
Memphis, TN 38174   Memphis, TN 38103

No Faxed Requests Please.

Please ensure that your request specifies the location, dates and types of records needed.

We strive for a turn-around time of 7-14 business days.

If you have questions, or need further assistance, please call: 

For Methodist Le Bonheur and Germantown Hospitals: 901-516-7288
For Methodist University, Olive Branch, and Fayette Hospitals: 901-516-8425
For Methodist North and South Hospitals: 901-516-2414