Medical Records

You can request copies of your medical records, depending on the type of information you need. 

Online Medical Records

You can access portions of your electronic medical record online with myMethodist Portal. The portal provides limited information such as lab results, radiology, vital signs and bill payment access etc.

Medical Records

To request a copy of your medical records for yourself, healthcare provider, or third party complete a Medical Authorization Form, and provide a copy of your photo ID.

Submit form by:

Mail: MLHC - Medical Records,  PO Box 40628 Memphis, TN 38174

Fax: Only accept fax from Patients and Healthcare Requestors

  • Patients requesting records fax to : 901-937-6688
  • Healthcare Requestors requesting records fax to: 901-937-3344

Walk-in: Methodist University Hospital

Please ensure that all fields are completed in order to ensure timely completion of your request. A copy of your valid photo ID must be included with your request. 

We strive for a turn-around time of 7-14 business days.

If the patient is unable to sign, an authorized personal representative may sign this form. Written proof of authority should accompany the request in order to verify appropriate health information.

Copy Fees

Abstract copies = no charge.  There is no charge for abstract copies.  Abstract includes all pertinent documents from your stay such as ED Notes, History & Physical, Discharge Summary, Consults, Operative Reports, Radiology and diagnostic reports. 

Entire copy of Visit/Record = Paper copy = $0.07 per page & supply and postage fee  
Patient Portal= flat rate $6.50.  

Archived copy =  Paper copy -$0.07 per page & supply and postage fee
Patient Portal= flat rate $6.50

If you have questions, or need further assistance, please call:  

For Methodist Le Bonheur and Germantown Hospitals: 901-516-7288
For Methodist University, Olive Branch, and Fayette Hospitals: 901-516-8425
For Methodist North and South Hospitals: 901-516-2414