Healthcare Requestors

Physicians and Healthcare Requestors needing copies of patient medical records for immediate patient care, please fax request on office letter head or signed patient authorization to designated location.

Please note-

  • Please ensure that your request specifies the location, dates and types of records needed.
  • We strive for a turn-around- time of 24 to 48 hours.

Location Fax Numbers

Methodist Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital: 901-287-6108 ext. 901-287-6076
Methodist Germantown Hospital: 901-516-6778 ext. 901-516-6979
Methodist University and Fayette Hospital: 901-937-3344 ext. 901-516-8424
Methodist Olive Branch Hospital: 901-266-6450 ext. 662-932-9170
Methodist North: 901-516-5294 ext. 901-516-5295
Methodist South Hospital: 901-516-3504 ext. 901-516-3733