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How do I get my medical records?

For instructions on how to get your medical records please click here.

Will my request be processed same day?

No. It can take 7-14 business days to process your request, but we diligently work to get all patient request out as quickly as possible. If you are requesting older records prior to 2003, these are held in off-site storage and will have to be requested which could take some time, so please be patient with us.

How long do you keep records?

Methodist’s policy is to keep records for the last 20 years.  Any records for visits prior to that have been destroyed.

How do I obtain a copy of my bill?

To request a copy of your PATIENT BILL (UB04/ itemized statement), please call our centralized Patient Financial Services Department at 901-842-1255.

Will my radiology images be included in the medical record?

Contact your radiology department for the actual images; however, a written radiology interpretation may be included in your medical record. 

How do I have someone else pick up my medical records for me?

On your signed Patient Request for Access Form you can include in the “Send my records to” section who you would like to pick up your records. A valid driver’s license or state issued identification may be required by the person picking your records up.

How do I obtain copies of my medical records for those other than myself?

Minors (patients under 18 of age): The parent or legal representative must complete, sign and date the Medical Authorization Form, unless the minor is emancipated. A legal guardian may be asked to provide proof of guardianship.

Note: If minor consented for their outpatient treatment for pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease or behavioral/mental health without parental consent, the minor may sign the Patient Request for Access Form. When the patient is a minor being treated for substance abuse, the minor and the parent both may be asked to sign the Medical Authorization Form, regardless who consented for treatment.

Patients 18 and older: Under most circumstances, patients over 18 must sign for themselves. If the patient has a legal guardian or representative, the legal guardian must provide proof of authority in order to complete the Medical Authorization Form.

Deceased patients: To obtain a copy of a deceased patient’s record, you must complete, date and sign a Medical Authorization Form. Authorization form should be completed and signed by :

  • Next of Kin
  • Executor of Estate or Court Order Administrator
  • If there is no Executor of Estate or Court Order Administrator, a notarized Affidavit of Next of Kin form must be completed.

A death certificate may be requested. Additional proof of authority may be requested, as appropriate. 

Can you give me my medical information over the phone?

No. Our medical records request process ensures your medical records are safely and confidentially maintained, while providing you ready access when you need them. 

How do I obtain a copy of a Birth or Death Certificate?

Birth and Death Certificates are legal documents managed by the state.  Please contact Shelby County Health Department Vital Records Office for Tennessee certificates and Mississippi State Department of Health Vital Records office for Mississippi certificates.

FAQs and Forms

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