Methodist North Hosts Ribbon Cutting and Open House for New Limb Preservation Center

Posted on: April 05, 2018

Fred-Hallman-Leroy-NewbyOn Monday, April 2, Methodist North Hospital hosted a ribbon cutting and open house for their new Limb Preservation Center, located at 3950 New Covington Pike, Suite 350, in Memphis. The Center aims to help prevent and treat limb loss due to Peripheral Artery Disease, diabetic foot ulcers and diabetes-related wound infections.

Dozens of Methodist Associates and members from the surrounding communities came by for a tour of the facility.

Fred Hallman was also in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“They saved my foot and got me back to work,” said Hallman, general manager for the Olive Branch Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott.

After accidentally stepping on a small piece of glass in May of last year, Hallman, a diabetic, noticed his right foot began to swell. The swelling turned into infection, which led to a two-day hospital stay to undergo surgery to remove the infection. Hallman also spent several weeks at home to recover.

“We were close to amputation, but we had an option for excessive antibiotic therapy,” said Hallman. “That, combined Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, has made all the difference in the healing process. The pressure from hyperbaric oxygen helps to circulate oxygen throughout the body, kill bacteria, and aid in growth of new tissue.”

Hallman was living in Norcross, Georgia, but had accepted a transfer opportunity with his company, McNeill Hotel Company in Germantown, to relocate to North Mississippi.

Hallman received 11 Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments while in Georgia, and McNeill Hotel Company worked with him until he could relocate to Olive Branch.

“My medical team and I knew we needed a clear path for continued successful treatment,” said Hallman. “We made the right decision by coming to Methodist North. The facility is remarkable. It’s modern, clean and the staff is top notch, providing constant communication during treatment appointments.”

Hallman, who resides in Lake Cormorant, Mississippi, made the drive to Methodist North daily to complete 60 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments at 110-minutes each. Now he visits once a week for wound re-dressing and to meet with his physician, Dr. Arnold Tag.

“I still have my limbs, bones, mobility and I even made valuable friendships along the way,” said Hallman, adding, “Everyone here has become like family and I am grateful for all their support in making this journey a little easier on me.”

To schedule an appointment at the Limb Preservation Center or Wound Healing Center, please call 901-516-5766.

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