Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Illuminates Cross at Shorb Tower

Posted on: March 27, 2019

The inaugural Illumination of the Cross held Tuesday evening, March 26, marks a milestone in our construction of Shorb Tower at Methodist University Hospital, as it serves as the beacon of our faith‐based mission to improve every life we touch.

“For over 100 years, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare has been a light in the Mid‐South community bringing healing and wholeness to people in need,” said Rev. Albert Mosley, EdD, senior vice president of Faith and Health. “With the modernization of our University campus and the addition of Shorb Tower, we will be able to continue our commitment to elevating the health of our patients and the community.”

The cross, made from welded aluminum, weighs in at 335 pounds and stands at 42 feet tall. 390 white LEDs are powered by fourteen 12volt power supplies. The inside of the cross is painted a flat white to reflect an even halo of light. 

“Beyond our clinical and research areas of excellence, Methodist also remembers that we are a system born of the faith of our founders and their commitment to the holistic care of our patients and our community. We are a national model through our Faith and Health division for providers to work with church congregations in our communities,” added Mosley. 

Methodist University Hospital also serves as the home base for research-based community and population health initiatives. Those efforts result in an elevated quality of life which includes reduced hospital stays and Emergency Department visits, increased primary care utilization, and improved clinical outcomes for under-served patients.

The 450,000 square foot Shorb Tower, named for former President and CEO Gary Shorb, represents a $275 million investment in our community, one of the largest transformational projects right here in the heart of the Memphis Medical District.

The services included in Shorb Tower, which will open this spring, offer patients and guests convenient access to state‐of‐the‐art technology and advanced comprehensive care for transplant, cardiology, blood and marrow transplant and oncology.

In 2016, MLH broke ground on the campus modernization plan, one of the largest transformational projects in the Memphis Medical District, adding the 450,000 square foot Shorb Tower and renovating 95,000 square feet of the existing campus. This project is one of many ways MLH continues its commitment to elevating the health of the communities we serve.