Health Records on iPhone Now Available to Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Patients

Posted on: April 12, 2018

As Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) celebrates its Centennial, the integrated healthcare delivery system looks to innovative high-tech solutions to improve patients’ health. The latest approach Methodist has implemented empowers patients by making their medical information accessible in one location through the Apple Health App on iOS.

“While we are celebrating a century of innovation, we continue to focus on seeking out opportunities to advance patient care. Integrating our records with Health Records on iPhone is truly a ground breaking step we have taken to improve our patients’ lives,” said Michael Ugwueke, president and CEO for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare supports Health Records on iPhone, which brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Apple Health app to make it easy for patients to see their available medical data from multiple providers whenever they choose. 

Previously, patients’ medical records were held in multiple locations, requiring patients to log into each care provider’s website and piece together the information manually. Apple worked with the healthcare community to take a consumer-friendly approach and created Health Records based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), a standard for transferring electronic medical records.

Now, patients will have medical information from participating institutions organized into one view, covering allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals, and will receive notifications when their data is updated. Health Records data is encrypted and protected with the user’s iPhone passcode.

“This is truly a transformative tool in how we can manage our health care,” said Dr. Burton Hayes, chief medical informatics officer for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. “Health Records on iPhone gives people a place to aggregate their medical records into one location, rather than having to go to multiple medical provider websites.”

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