Patient & Family Resources

The Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute is dedicated to supporting our patients and their families throughout the entire transplantation process. Support groups, educational events and online resources are available. 

Transplant Resource Center

Established to promote and enhance quality of life, The Transplant Resource Center (TRC) at Methodist University Hospital supports the educational, emotional, spiritual and financial needs of our transplant recipients, organ donors and their families. 

We have four main goals: 

  1. Provide an open forum for transplant recipients, organ donors and family members to obtain up-to-date information about organ transplantation and organ donation.
  2. Promote organ donation and transplantation throughout the community in an effort to help increase awareness.
  3. Enhance quality of life by providing limited financial resources for transplant recipients and organ donors as well as their family members.
  4. Provide a supportive environment for transplant recipients, organ donors and family members.

Gifts and Funding

Gifts provide support for research, training and purchase of new equipment. Permanent gifts, or endowments, can provide ongoing support for a specific area of the Institute. Gifts can be made in the form of cash or appreciated securities. 

Events are held throughout the year to raise funds for the TRC, such as our annual Transplant Fore Life Golf Classic. Contributions to the Transplant Resource Center Patient Emergency Grant Program provide one-time financial assistance to organ transplant recipients, organ donors and their families. Assistance is provided to cover expenses related to medication co-payments, phone and utility bills and transportation expenses. 

More Information

Contact Methodist Healthcare Foundation at 901-516-0500 or Donate online