Eye Care

Methodist Healthcare partners with Hamilton Eye Institute Surgery Center in Midtown Memphis to provide advanced clinical and surgical ophthalmology. Services include laser treatments, oculo-plastics, retinal procedures. and cataract and glaucoma procedures.

Eye Plaque Surgery

Hamilton Eye Institute, in partnership with Methodist University Hospital, is one of only a few centers nationwide offering radiation plaque therapy for treatment of Choroidal Melanoma, a cancer of the eye. This rare condition requires highly specialized treatment and collaboration among ophthalmologists, radiation oncologists, physicists and medical oncologists.

Benefits of Eye Plaque Surgery

  • Ensures patient survival
  • Preserves the eye
  • Retains as much vision as possible

How Eye Plaque Surgery Works

Performed by ophthalmologists, radiation plaque therapy uses a disc-shaped, gold custom casing that houses radioactive seeds. This custom casing, or “plaque,” delivers targeted, high-dose radiation to the ocular tumor, allowing very little radiation exposure to the rest of the eye and body.

The plaque is placed in surgery, while the patient is under general anesthesia, and typically remains in place for seven days.  After radiation has been delivered, the plaque is removed, and the patient may go home.  The patient will followup with the physician as directed.

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