Supervisor Toolbox

The Employee Assistance Program links with businesses as a strategic partner in performance improvement, risk management and employee development initiatives. As a leader in your organization, use this toolbox to help you perform these three key responsibilities:

  • Provide information about the EAP
  • Encourage use of the EAP
  • Refer troubled employees to the EAP

Your support of the program helps ensure its success. A supervisory referral of a troubled employee is based on job performance problems, either continuous or intermittent. Some behaviors to be concerned about include:

  • Chronic absenteeism and tardiness
  • High accident rate
  • Poor judgment/decision making
  • Lack of concentration
  • Difficulty getting along with coworkers

When referring an employee to the EAP, call our office first to provide background information to the counselor on the employee's issue. The process is easy to follow:

  1. Recognize the problem
  2. Document job performance
  3. Discuss the problem with the employee
  4. Refer the employee to the EAP
  5. Follow up with the employee

The EAP Counselor is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality required in a professional/client relationship. When you refer an employee the counselor asks for the employee's written consent in order to keep you informed of the employee's compliance with the EAP's recommendations for problem resolution.

All discussions between the counselor and the employee are held in strict confidence. Information can be released outside the EAP under the following conditions: with employee's written consent; when required by law; in life threatening situations.

Management Consultations

Because we make multiple visits to our businesses and their worksites, the EAP team is uniquely qualified to problem solve with leaders regarding management issues or workgroup concerns. Oftentimes, after discussing relevant events, the leader and EAP team member are able to outline several productive steps to address the problem.

Workshops & Seminars

The Methodist Healthcare EAP offers comprehensive onsite workshops and seminars that leaders use to motivate their team. Conflict resolution, stress management and team building are just a few of the topics we offer. 

Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

Our trained, professional staff will facilitate a diffusion or a lengthier debriefing with employees after a traumatic event. Examples of onsite or offsite events include death of a co-worker, layoffs, physical violence, natural or workplace disaster. Participants will learn to recognize what symptoms are normal reactions to an abnormal event as well as ways to cope effectively.

To speak directly with someone about supervisory or management issues, please call our office at 901-683-5658 or 800-880-5658.