Hello LMU Class of 2020!

First, let me say WELCOME TO MEMPHIS as your CORE SITE! I know that you are as excited to come as we are to have you here.  There are many exciting things to do here, great restaurants, attractions, and housing selections.  Although we do not provide housing, I do have some housing options that are available through past students and contacts in my office.  Please see the links below for some ideas.  In addition, you can ask those fellow classmates who are currently in the Memphis area about their experiences here.  Most of your rotations are NOT at the University Hospital where I, as your clinical site coordinator am located. Methodist has four hospitals in the city and many preceptor clinics in between! 

Your best option is to reach out to the students currently at this site and to learn the preferred areas!


We know that you will receive the best rotation experience from extremely knowledgeable preceptors and staff. Since your core rotations have been scheduled by LMU, I would like to give you the available selective/elective rotations that we offer here.

IN SCHEDULING: ALWAYS by EMAIL.  Or meet with me if email is inadequate to express what you are wanting.  There are many changes and the faintest ink is better than the best memory for an accurate schedule.  It is best to schedule these rotations as early as possible to secure a spot. However, know that the preceptor can also let me know “early on, or last minute” that they will not be able to accommodate. Nothing is in concrete, but most rotations go on as planned.  We recognize there may be other rotations you are interested in that are not listed on my official working list, and we can work with you and the physician to see if we can secure that rotation for you. Primarily rotations are handled through my office, occasionally a student will want a rotation with someone they’ve met and we can work with that, provided it does not violate any contractual rules or the teaching regulations that our physicians(those who have university appointments) may have in place. Please let me or LMU know who you are wanting so I can make sure, you will be in compliance. Third-year students cannot rotate on CORE rotations with UT students or residents, This prohibits us from allowing inpatient pediatric rotations at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.


 The schedule originates in my office and the preceptor doesn’t know who has already been assigned. Please understand that although I work with e-value on rotations, the availability of preceptors here is the key to arranging your rotations. You are more likely to “get what you want, when you want it” if you’ll work directly one on one with me, versus assuming that what e value has down, is what you’ll get.

Not all of these rotations are scheduled regularly, some are occasional*.

Medicine Selective  (Adult or Pediatric subspecialties)    Surgery Selective/Elective
Cardiology (Sutherland Clinic)    General Surgery
Pulmonology ENT*
Critical Care Orthopedics
Endocrinology* Ophthalmology*
Hematology/Oncology*   Urology
Gastroenterology Surgical Critical Care
Infectious Disease     Trauma
Nephrology Neurosurgery
Rheumatology Cardiothoracic Surgery
Neurology     Plastic Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Adult Primary Care Selective (Outpatient) Gynecological Surgery
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine

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