Information for Students & Faculty

Student Placement Information

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Student Badges

  • All clinical students are now required to have a photo ID badge from Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare while they are in a rotation at one of our facilities
  • Student may get badges when they have received their Cerner/SAP number.
  • Students will be emailed instructions about obtaining a badge.

Student/Faculty oneChart Information

Student Single Sign On – Reset your password with SSO. Anytime you forget your password you can use this feature to reset it. 

Student Background Checks and Drug Screenings

A background check is required for all clinical students within 12 months of entry of start of clinical rotation at a MLH facility. A ten-panel urine drug screen is also required no greater than 30 days prior to the date of commencement of service at facility.  Each student participating in a clinical experience at Methodist’s Olive Branch and other Mississippi facilities will be required to comply with Methodist policy and procedure which may include fingerprint background screening and additional fees.

Nursing Student Clinical Experience Guidelines - Nursing Student Policy (PDF)

RN Faculty Review of Student Documentation

Faculty should observe all medication administration by the student nurses. A computer should be taken to the bedside when medications are administered.  At the end of your shift, review the MAR to ensure that all medications have been administered and documented.  Faculty should document review of Iview documentation using the RN Review section located in the VS Band.  Indicate each section reviewed in the RN bands/ forms reviewed section. Review of multiple Iview bands can be documented with one entry.

Annual Student Orientation on the TN Clinical Placement System (TCPS) Web site

All clinical students are required to complete an online orientation on the TCPS website on an annual basis. Once the students complete the orientation module they should complete the online quiz. All students should submit their passing quiz results to their nursing instructor. The school should develop their own tracking mechanism for the test results.  MLH will ensure that orientation is completed on all students prior to clearing for clinical. 

TN Clinical Placement System

Guidelines for Students and Faculty performing Point of Care (Blood Glucose) testing

Students are allowed to perform blood glucose testing point of care (POC) on patients as long as the POC testing protocol is followed.  Instructors are required to complete annual competency if students will be performing blood glucose testing. 

Accu-Chek Test POC Testing Protocol 

Annual Faculty Requirements

Record of Competency for clinical faculty should be submitted to Misty Dunn at the beginning of each academic year.

The Faculty Information Form should be submitted at the beginning of each academic year by the school to Misty Dunn. 

Emergency response codes for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare – for faculty and student review.

Information for students coming to a Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Facility

MLH requires that schools submit an attestation that all required information contained in the affiliation agreement has been met successfully before a student is cleared for a clinical/academic rotation. 

Online Orientation - The student will need to complete the online orientation at the TN Clinical Placement System website.

Student should read and adhere to the Methodist Healthcare Social Media Policy (PDF)

Parking for Students and Faculty Members


  • Parking Registration Forms submitted on old forms will not be processed.
  • include their license plate in the vehicle information.
  • Schools can send me the student information and a jpg format picture, along with a typed list of the student’s names is helpful as some do not write their names where it is readable
  • Lebonheur Student and Instructor Parking Form

Methodist Germantown

Poplar Garage

  • The 2nd and 3rd levels (bottom 2 levels), including the 2nd to 3rd level down ramp, are legal.
  • The 1st level (top level) including the 1st to 2nd level down ramp is illegal.

Pavilion Garage

Methodist North

  • Park in white spaces.
  • Yellow spaces are for patients and visitors.
  • No parking registration form is needed.

Methodist Olive Branch

Associate Parking Lot located behind the helipad. Use the Associate Entrance at the rear of the hospital. 

Methodist South

Lower east parking lot on the north end of the east lot which is closer to the main entrance.

Methodist University

Employee Parking Garage on Bellevue.