Recognition of Nursing

Holding-Hands2018 Daisy Awards

  • January: Edith Critelli, BSN, RN          
  • February: Felecia Brown, RN            
  • March: Amelia Crews, BSN RN              
  • April: Lauren Wall, RN 
  • May: Tanner Weir, RN 
  • June: Brittany Clifft, RN
  • July: Amanda Starnes, RN
  • August: Patricia Piner, RN
  • September: Jill Klobe, BSN, RN  
  • October: Lauren Wall, RN
  • November: DeNeil Feldmayer, BSN, RN
  • December: Cassidy Cruse, BSN, RN

2018 Nursing STARS

Nursing Stars is MLH's annual recognition event to celebrate the outstanding nurses throughout our organization. Nursing Star recipients meet a robust set of criteria including: Professionalism, teamwork, community involvement, innovation and the science of nursing, and Patient and Family centered Care. Stars Banquet photos can be viewed at Congratulations 2018 Nursing Stars! 

2018 – North Stars:

            Linda Caughron RN    Nurse of the Year           4 North

            Kathy Chappell  RN, BSN                                     4 North

            Angie Johnson, RN, MSN                                     TJC/Observation

            Beth Bryant, RN                                                    CV Stepdown   

RN In Search of Excellence (RISE)

RISE is a voluntary, clinical advancement program for Methodist RNs who are committed to providing direct patient care and excellence in their profession. Using a 3 tiered approach, RISE encourages the RN to build their knowledge, skill and ability in areas of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) projects, education, leadership, service evidenced by improving outcomes.

This program provides financial and professional recognition for commitment to the nursing profession. IT encourages professional growth and focuses efforts to meet personal, unit and hospital goals while improving patient outcomes.