Community Involvement


MLH – North nurses are committee to contributing to the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. A few examples of nurse’s involvement and contributions are mentioned below:

  • Jacobs Well - a local church that is known for serving the community outside of their church walls.  Methodist North nursing and ancillary teams partner with Jacobs Well to help the homeless in our community. Every month we provide over 100 meals, and needed items such as socks, gloves, sunscreen, bug spray, and blankets and relevant healthcare education.  As our nurses go out into the homeless areas, they fellowship with the homeless community and provide teaching on topics which have included: dehydration, sun protection, nutrition, dental care, hypothermia and more. 
  • Bartlett Expo- Nurse at North partner with the City of Bartlett  - Business Expo to provide free health screenings as one of our community outreach programs. These screenings include blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure checks.  North nurses teach and educate hundreds of visitors at the expo on stroke, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. 
  • Health Screenings: Memphis libraries  -Raleigh, Bartlett).  Reaching out to support wellness in our community is a top priority for MLH North Nurses.  Nurses regularly volunteer to host health screenings at two local public libraries.  `BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Blood pressure are free screenings offered on an ongoing basis at our library wellness events. 
  • Diabetic Education classes- A group of 13 nurses partnered with a local quality group so they could provide diabetic education classes for the local community.  The classes are geared to the diabetic, pre-diabetic or family members affected by diabetes and last 1-2 hours, once a week for 6 weeks. The classes provide a solid foundation about diabetes along with education on nutrition, exercise, medication management and preventing complications. MLH North Nurses volunteering to teach this class are making a difference by improving the lives of the diabetic population in our community.