For Vendors

To preserve our core value of integrity as a faith-based, not-for-profit healthcare provider, we have established policies and guidelines for vendor interactions. They are intended to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest and reinforce our commitment to impartiality, equal treatment and the highest standards of conduct in all current and potential vendor relationships.

Becoming a Vendor for Methodist Healthcare

If you’re interested in establishing a formal business relationship with Methodist Healthcare, we require that you comply with our Vendor/Sales Representative Relations Policy. You will need to complete the following information.

Please send completed forms to:

Methodist Healthcare
Supply Chain Management
1350 Concourse Avenue, Suite 668
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
Fax: 901-516-7992

We’ll review this information and notify you regarding your acceptance as a registered vendor/sales representative. 

Registration for Vendor Representatives

Once a vender is approved to conduct business with Methodist Healthcare, all vendor representatives who visit our facilities must register online using REPtrax.

Additional Information

Helpful Forms