Affiliate Hospitals

Lu'an Municipal HospitalLu’an Civily Hospital

Lu’An, China

Lu’an Civily Hospital is a 900-bed facility that serves a city of nearly 7 million people in Anhui province, 400 miles west of Shanghai. Managed by Anhui HeTian Healthcare Investment and Management Group, a strategic partner of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, the hospital offers an array of inpatient and outpatient services in 28 clinical departments including: obstetrics and gynecology, cardiovascular services, orthopedics, surgery, and the neurosciences. An integrated Chinese and Western medicine department and hemodialysis center are also onsite.

Methodist’s services will include assistance with the development of clinical and administrative protocols, policies and procedures for the provision of effective operations of the hospital, training programs and consulting for administrators, physicians and nurses in Lu’an.


Square Hospital

Square Hospital

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Located in the capital city of Dhaka, Square Hospital is a private healthcare facility serving a growing population since December 2006. A 425-bed tertiary care hospital built to U.S. fire and building safety standards, Square provides robust inpatient and outpatient services including: cardiovascular, oncology, orthopedics, surgery and intensive care, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, neonatal intensive care, urology and 24-hour emergency and trauma services.

Square Hospital has been named the No. 1 private hospital by the Bangladesh Brand Forum for three consecutive years, backed by Nielson Ratings.

US-Sino HeartCare

US-Sino HeartCare

Beijing, China

US-Sino HeartCare is an American organization that was founded and is directed by Dr. Dwight Clark, an American trained cardiologist. US-Sino HeartCare is dedicated to the early diagnosis and prevention of heart disease and stroke through the use of advanced technology and lifestyle changes.

Located in the iKang Evergreen Medical International facility in Beijing, China, the US-Sino HeartCare diagnostic center is designed for patient comfort in a spa-like atmosphere.  The complete heart evaluation includes Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA) imaging from advanced CT scanners to diagnose heart disease in patients with or without a history of symptoms. 


Silver Mountain CapitalSilver Mountain Capital 

Hong Kong, China

Silver Mountain Capital is based in Hong Kong and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai.

Silver Mountain Capital focuses on the establishment of hospitals in acute phase treatment, children’s health management, chronic disease management, rehabilitation, and long term care.

Silver Mountain Capital will work closely with Methodist Healthcare Group to bring top-notch hospital management and community healthcare services, maintain its unique advantage in clinical talents, treatment methods and medical equipment and delivers the highest standards of clinical service through evidence-based practice, continuous innovation and sensitivity to the uniqueness of each patient and their families.