Spiritual Care

Chaplains are spiritual care providers who support and counsel patients, family members, Associates, and guests of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

Chaplains are part of the interdisciplinary team to bring holistic care to the patient and their families. Here at Methodist Healthcare we treat the whole person emotionally, physical and spiritually. Chaplains are well grounded in their faith and provide a calm and healing presence during times of crisis and anxiety.

Chaplains practice active listening to hear people’s stories who need to be heard and better understood. This type of compassionate listening, along with offering prayers and reading sacred text, helps to ground the patient back to their faith which helps sustain them and give them the inner strength they need during vulnerable times.

Chaplains are highly trained to meet people where they are spiritually, assuring each person, no matter what their faith belief, that they are valued, respected and loved by God and cared for by the MLH staff.


  • Master’s of Divinity Degree or theological studies from an accredited AATS Seminary or equivalent education will be considered.
  • Four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) accreditation by Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, or comparable experience.
  • Certification as a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) from one of the following is required:
    •  Association of Professional Chaplains (APC)
    • National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC)
    • National Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC)

Current Associates:

  • Certification as a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) from one of the following APC, NACC, or NAJC within 18 months.
  • Ordination, licensing or commissioning by one’s faith group and ecclesiastical endorsement (or eligible for endorsement) by a recognized faith group for ministry as a Chaplain in a healthcare setting.

Comfort Care Blankets- Chaplains are often called to minister to families during the end of life. During those times the chaplain may use Scripture and prayer along with a Methodist Healthcare blanket. These blankets symbolize the comfort pledged by the MLH staff and the ultimate comfort God can provide both the patient and the family.

With his feathers he will cover you, under his wings you will find comfort. His truth is your shield and armor. Psalm 91:4

5 Wishes- Chaplains also can provide and explain the 5 wishes document upon request. 5 wishes is a legal document that allows you to choose your type of comfort care in the event you were unable to communicate your wishes. Here is a sample of the 5 wishes document. A copy may be acquired at any of our Methodist hospital locations. Those locations are at MLH University, MLH South, MLH North, MLH Germantown & MLH Olive Branch. A notary can help finalize this legal document.
(PDF sample is on-line)

*There are chapels and prayer rooms provided at each MLH location.
(ask for chapel locations of the particular hospital you are visiting)