Learning Collaborative (Health Systems Learning Group)

Health Systems Learning Group: Transforming Health Outcomes through Community Partnership

The Health Systems Learning Group is a voluntary, peer-led initiative with a general goal to contribute to the transformation of the systems accountable for the health of communities by helping those organizations to lead boldly and push the edge of innovation.  

The collaborative learning is being developed out of a series of stakeholder convenings co-hosted by participating health systems and the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the Dept. of Health and Human Services. The learning will result in a demonstrated body of “know how” and “know why” that should be welcomed into the regular disciplinary venues of health and healthcare organizations. 

The Center for Excellence at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (COE MLH) serves as the Secretariat and its Foundation the fiscal agent for the Health Systems Learning Group, with in-kind support from the HHS Partnership Center. The COE is known for fast, grounded intellectual work that is actionable by a diverse group of stakeholders, particularly consumers.

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