Congregational Health Network

The Congregational Health Network (CHN) is a collaborative partnership between Methodist’s hospitals and Mid-South congregations. CHN has been called “The Bridge to the Community,” because it has linked the two healing institutions the hospital and our faith communities. Some 500 congregations have made a covenant to participate in this collaborative relationship which has proven to give unsurpassed spiritual care to our patients and congregation members.

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare knows that your congregation is an important part of your life. We know that 70% of our patients belong to congregations here in the Mid-South. With these two things in mind, the Congregational Health Network was formed. The Congregational Health Network was formed to improve your health and the health of the region.

The success of the CHN partnership between congregations, hospitals and community leaders has gained us the reputation internationally as “The Memphis Model,” a model that has been studied and adopted in other cities due to its high quality and sustainable nature.

How It Works

The CHN consists of Congregational Liaisons who are trained volunteers in the congregations serving closely with a CHN Navigator, who are employed by Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. These two persons work together to answer your questions, schedule educational outreach for your congregation, and provide support and follow up care should a hospital stay be necessary. If your
congregation is part of the CHN covenant then your individual needs would be assessed and we would help direct you to the resources that will help you with your treatment plan.

CHN Benefits

As a member of CHN you have access to a wealth of support on issues such as preventative medicine and follow-up care. CHN is not an insurance program. The CHN works with congregations to educate and provide a supportive network to help you, as a member, navigate the healthcare system. CHN provides free classes on many important health care topics as well as financial classes that can help Congregations lead a healthier life. CHN understands that good education equates to a healthier lifestyle.