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Maternity Miracles


Kristin Cocci loves to talk about family - her husband and twin boys, as well as the extended family she calls her “crew” at Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital.

“My kids wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Methodist. Methodist is literally like my family.”

Kristin went into labor with the twins at 18 weeks and went immediately to labor and delivery. From there she went to the antepartum floor where she lived until she delivered the babies at 31 weeks. “They had given us a .1% survival rate. I was devastated. But, the nurses said ‘get positive and get your mind around the fact that you’re here and that you will have these babies.’”

That’s exactly what she did.

“They believed in me when I didn’t. They are amazing people who go above and beyond their job titles.”

To show their gratitude, the Coccis threw a party “for everyone” to celebrate the babies’ lives.

“The babies are part of their lives, too. You know they medically shouldn’t be here. It’s thanks to the Methodist team that they are.”