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Living Donor Kidney Transplant


Since third grade, best friends Arbeny Davis and Kenesha Reed have shared dance lessons, friendship and all the ups and downs of childhood. Now young adults, the girls are giving new meaning to the term “friends for life.”

“My best friend, Arbeny, she had to drop out of school her freshman year of college because she was sick. She was on dialysis and she was on a waiting list for a kidney match.”

Kenesha was determined to learn about all the options for her friend. The one that intrigued her most was the living donor option at Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute. “I thought if there was any chance I could lengthen her life, that was enough for me.” Upon turning 18, Kenesha was tested and discovered she was a match. “It all worked out,” she says.

“The nurses and transplant coordinators really fought for us. We were trying to balance school and the surgery. They were so careful to be sure I understood everything. The transplant team is absolutely phenomenal. Six months later the kidney is working 100 percent.”

“We’ve always had a tight bond. But, it’s even stronger now,” she says. “We all need to step outside ourselves and give back.”