Methodist Healthcare Foundation

Thank You Donors

We are grateful for your generosity and so are the individuals and families we serve. Below is a complete list of donors who gave from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

The Belz Foundation
Hyde Family Foundation
Plough Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. William H. West
Cigna Foundation
Kathy and J.W. Gibson
Susan and Alan Graf
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Moore
Turner Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Westmoreland +
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
The Commercial Appeal +
Germantown United Methodist Church
Mr. David L. Hankins
Health Choice, LLC
Debbie J. Jones
Susan G. Komen Memphis-Midsouth Affiliate
Methodist Hospital Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moore P
Mr. and Mrs. Winn R. Stephenson
The West Cancer Center
Archimania, PC
Entercom Radio +
HKS Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Howard P
Mr. Frank Z. Jemison and Dr. Jeanne Jemison
Lamar Advertising Company +
Memphis Radiological Professional Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Norton P
Ms. Judy L. Nuckolls *
Orion Federal Credit Union
The Redwing Group
Bob and Donna Abney
Mrs. Eleanor E. Appling P
The Barnett Group
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
Mr. Michael A. Conley, Jr.
Dufresne Spencer Group
Dr. James D. Eason
Ms. Anne B. Harrington
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Lasting Expressions
Medical Anesthesia Group, P.A.
Mid-America Apartment Communities
National Basketball Association
Larry and Dianne Papasan
Gary and Glenda Shorb
Mrs. Mary Simpson
Dr.  and Mrs. Kurt Tauer
Tower Ventures
Union University - Student Government
US Bank
Dr. Robert Waller
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Ms. Denise D. Wood
Agincourt Capital Management
Ms. Gina L. Baptiste
Nancy and Ed Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Nick E. Bragorgos
Mr. William R. Breen
brg3s architects
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cates
Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, TN
Commercial Advisors
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
Mrs. Nancy R. Dowling
Mr. Maurice Elliott
Flintco, Inc.
The Goodlett Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Graves
Ms. Sarah R. Haizlip
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Hawkins
Dr. Dennis A. Higdon
Highland Capital Management, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. McLean
Mercy for Memphis
Metrocare Physicians
Ms. Jennie L. Neblett
Nike Inc. and Affiliates
Outfront Media +
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Owings
Private Wealth Management, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Raber
Raymond James
Carol and Mike Ross-Spang
Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute
Kathleene A. Sims
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Stegbauer
SunTrust Bank
Trauger & Tuke
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Turley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watson Jr.
Ms. Sally Aldrich
Allen & Hoshall
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Anderson
Ms. Alison L. Apple
Darryl and Stacie Arbor
athenahealth, Inc.
AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Ms. Dana Avant
Mrs. Sandra Bailey-Deleeuw
Mr. Andrew M. Baker
Bank of Bartlett
Ms. Candace G. Barber
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
Bob and Susan Batson
Ms. Pamela A. Battle
David and Susan Baytos
Sunjah L. Bell
Mr. William N. Bell
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Besh
Mrs. Cindy Black
Mrs. Connie Blair
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. L. Kirkpatrick Bobo
Dr. Ann D. Brown
Ms. Janet Bullard
Judy and Charles Burkett
Dr. Tina K. Burns
Dr. Walter E. Carnahan
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Cashman III
Centurion Medical Products
Dr. Jason Chandler
Mr. Gyasi C. Chisley
Chuck Hutton Chevrolet
Ms. Vicki V. Clark
Collierville United Methodist Church
Consilience Group LLC
Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis, PLLC
Covenant UMC
Ms. Jennifer Cowden
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Craddock
Mr. John J. Craven
Ms. Sherrye B. Crone
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Crouch
Crye-Leike, Inc.
Mrs. Rebecca M. Cullison
Mr. David E. Cummings
Drs. Elvernice and Cynthia Davis
Larry Deener
Delta Medical Center, Memphis
Ms. Julia T. Desiderio
Deupree Family Foundation
Diversified Trust Co., Inc.
Mr. Richard A. Dorn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Douthitt
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Drake
Ms. Debbie L. Dunlap
Dr. and Mrs. Harry D. Durbin, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L Durbin
EAN Holdings, LLC
Mr. Zachary Edmiston
Ellwood Associates
F & F Construction Company, Inc.
Dr. Moon Fenton
Ferguson Enterprises,INC
Ms. Lynn M. Field
Christopher Finch
Dr. and Mrs. James Christian Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fogelman
Forbis Insurance
Bethany H. Garner
Mrs. Karen Garner
Gipson Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Glankler Brown, PLLC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Glassman
Glassman, Wyatt, Tuttle & Cox, P. C.
Ms. Amanda Golightly
Gossett Motor Cars
Ms. Dorothy Graham
Mr. Matthew K. Green
Gresham, Smith and Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Gurley
The Hand Family Beverages Company, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Hankins
Hankins Forest Products, Inc.
Mrs. Jane B. Hannah
Karen C. Harrell
Ms. Kathryn S. Hawes
Health Trust Purchasing Group
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Hennessy
Ms. Evalie G. Hill
Thomas E. Hill
Terri A. Himelrick
Hamp and Nancy Holcomb 
Ms. Cheryl Hopson
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Horn
Mr. Arthur E. Horne III
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Humphries
Ms. Pamela D. Hunt
Don and Dana Hutson
IBM International Foundation
Image Environmental, Inc
Dr. Charles Ingram
Integrity Oncology PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jacobs
Ms. Paula S. Jacobson
James Chiropractic
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Jameson
Mr. Christopher Jenkins
Dr. and Mrs. M. B. Jenkins
Ms. Annelise Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Cato Johnson
Rojenia B. Johnson
Ms. Florence E. Jones
Mr. Hugh A. Jones III
Mrs. Anna Mary Jordan-Stone
Mr. William M. Keith
The Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Kenley
Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Kimzey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kirk
Dr. Lisa Klesges
Ms. Nancy Knous
Ms. Amy G. Krauss
The Kroger Company
Lakeside Behavior Health System
Joni Wicker Lancaster
Mr. Brian Leith
Mr. Mathew Lipscomb III
Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance
Dr. James T. Litzow
LSV Asset Management
Debra E. Luther
Ms. Cynthia Macaulay
Mr. Donald D. MacMillan II
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Maddox
Magnolia Homes, Inc.
Dr. Jimmie Mancell
Mrs. Barbara Mayer
Dr. and Mrs. Lee W. McCallum
Mrs. Sheila McClain
Mrs. Meg G. McGill
Mr. and Mrs. William M. McKee
McKesson Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McMath
Medos Healthcare Solutions LLC
Memphis Botanic Garden Foundation, Inc
Memphis Funeral Home
Mental Health Resources
Methodist Healthcare Federal Credit Union
Mrs. Marigay H. Miller
Mission Hospital
Ms. Bridget W. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Erich A. Mounce
Ms. Jessica A. Murphy
Ms. Allie Naifeh
National Christian Foundation
National Civil Rights Museum
Nesvick Trading Company
nexAir, LLC
Dr. Nosratollah Nezakatgoo
Phillip J. Nichols
Ms. Melinda Noble
Mrs. Carrie Oliphant
Mr. Lance Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. O'Neill
Paragon National Bank
Paramount Uniform Rental Inc.
Ms. Tara Parish
The Peabody Hotel
Mrs. Mary Sherard Pettey
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Pettit
Billy and Lauren Pickens
Ms. Mary D. Pilkington
Mr. William J. Pitman II
Plumbing Systems, Inc. dba Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis
Bob Plunk
Ponder & Company
The Premier Group
Dr. Arun Rao
Razorback Concrete Co
Regions Financial Corporation
Ms. Daphne L. Richardson
Dr. Lillian H. Rinker
Mrs. Carla L. Robbins
Marie and Ed Roberson
Mr. James L. Robinson III
Dr. Jana P. Robinson
Nancy and Richard Robinson
Mr. Steve Rodgers
Dr. Michael Rohrer
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Rose, Jr.
The Rosenbaum Family
Mr. Jason Saenger
Salazar Dental Group, LLC
Dr. David Sallee
Mr. Bret Sanders
Ms. Joy Sharp
Susan Staub Sharp
Mr. Guy Dale Shaw
Mr. James A. Shaw III
Mr. David A. Shoop
Ms. Sandra E. Shumaker
Ms. Tina Sims
Mimi Sneed and Family
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Mr. Jack Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Steinberg
Dr. Todd F. Stockstill
Ms. Mary E. Strange
Mrs. Mike P. Sturdivant
Ms. Carol A. Sweet
Drs. Martha N. Taylor and Stephen Taylor
Ms. Levoyd Thomas
Mrs. Deborah Tipton
Mr. Ryan Tipton
Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker
Mrs. Jamie C. Turner
Ms. Pamala Turner
Floyd N. Tyler, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael O. Ugwueke
Mr. Charles Umsted
United Methodist Church-Memphis Conference
The University of Memphis Foundation
University Of Tennessee Health Science Center
UTHSC College of Nursing
Ms. Emily Walpole
Ms. Valerie Washburn
Mr. Jonathan E. Watkins
Sue Waugh
Weatherbee Resources, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Weickenand
Carol Weidenhoffer
Dr. James M. West
Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. White
Ms. Anne Wilkins
Bruce Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Witherspoon, Jr.
Dr. Robin Womeodu and Mr. Tony Womeodu
Ms. Charlene R. Wooten
Youth Athletic Foundation
3 Alarm Fire Protection, LLC
The A C Wharton Group LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Abernathy
Accounts Receivable Solutions
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Adams
Ms. Terrica Adams
Air Technical Services, Inc.
Dr. Scott Alford
Dr. and Mrs. Rex A. Amonette
Lisa B. Anderson
Andy B's
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arndt
Ms. Natasha R. Ball
Ballet Memphis
Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver Banks III
Baptist Health System Services
Mr. Mark L. Barbieri
Ms. Cynthia R. Bardwell
Mr. Johnny L. Barnes
Harriet A. Bateman
Dr. and Mrs. Scott L. Baum
Mr. and Mrs. F. Barry Bays
Ms. Tammara H. Beard
Ms. Kristen Bell
Mr. Frank Bellinger
Ms. Blaire Benavides
Ms. Haley Biggs
Ms. Peggy J. Bodine
Matthew Boeving
Patricia L. Boswell-Wilson
Daphne Boyd-Truitt
Ms. Donna B. Branch
Dr. and Mrs. J. Hays Brantley
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Britt
Ms. DeLois E. Broady
Daphne Brown
Joyce E. Broyles
Ms. Deborah D. Bruce
Cynthia C. Buckley
Ms. Shanna Buntyn
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Callicott
Ms. Amy Carney
Kavanaugh and Dennis Casey
Karen Byars Caspersen
Dr. Larry A. Caton
CFH Financial Services
Chartre Consulting, LTD
Christ United Methodist Church, Long Beach, MS
Mrs. Ann Cicala
Mr. Daniel A. Clark
James N. Clay IV
Mr. Michael Clegg
Mr. Shane M. Clements
Ms. Brenda S. Cole
Mrs. Mayzelle N. Collins
Mrs. Michelle G. Collis
Mr. C. T. Courtenay
Mr. and Mrs. Hesley A. Cox, Jr.
Andy and Carol Cox
Ms. Lisa Crenshaw
Mr. David B. Crislip Sr.
Cathy Criss
Mrs. Tammy S. Croak-Wilson
Ms. Karen R. Curry
Mr. Drew Cutliff
Lori Dale Bratton
Damon - Marcus Company
Mr. Ronald Davis
Mr. Ronald O. Davis
David R. Deas
Dr. Paul R. Deaton
Mr. Brian Denny
Michael Dexter
Grethchen Raber Dickerson
Ms. Donna L. DiClementi
Dillard Door & Security, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Dobson
Ms. Dana L. Dodson
Ms. Dana Douglas
Dr. Shannon Douthitt
Ms. Emily Doyle
Angela Dreher
Ms. Patricia Dreher
Margaret B. Duffy
Ms. Terry L. Duncan
Duncan-Williams, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Saxon Durham
Mr. Bryan Echols
Brandon and Michelle Edgerson
Gwendolyn K. Ellis-Webb
Embury United Methodist Women
Deborah J. Esmon
Mr. David W. Evans
Michael and Karen Faught
DeNeil Feldmayer
Mr. Jerry Ferguson
Mr. Eugenio Fernandez
First Tennessee Bank
Flat Earth Networking
Fleming Associates Architects, P. C.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Jim S. Forbis
Ms. Helen Fowler
Ms. Kelly Frasure
Mr. Niels C. French
Dr. and Mrs. Noel K. Frizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Gagnon
Ms. Martha J. George
Gerber/Taylor Associates, Inc.
Kim and Scott Giles
Dr. and Mrs. M. Boyd Gillespie
Mr. Rasheed Gordon
Mr. Al Gossett
Drs. Emily and Houston Graves
Ms. Melissa Gray
Sandra and James Greer
Grinder & Haizlip Construction, Inc.
Mary N. Guidi
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Hagerman
Mrs. Teresa M. Hall
Mr. Rexx K. Hamm
Jane Hanafin
Ms. Gloria Hardy
Ms. Brandi Harris
Ms. Gladys L. Harris
Ms. Margaret S. Harris
Michelle L. Harrison
Ms. Vicki S. Hass
Dr. M. N. Hawkes
Pamela J. Hayes
Maria L. Haywood
Ms. April Heath
Ms. Sharon Y. Hobson
Ms. Tireka V. Hobson
Ms. LaRhonda L. Holland
Shawn and John Holliday
Sonya and Jerry Honea
Dr. Karen Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. House
Ms. Dorothy A. House
Jenny Harris Hunsicker
Ms. Donna Hunt
Ms. Lydia Hutchison
Dr. Uzoma N. Ibebuogu
Vicki A. Ice
J. Austin Installs
Ms. Mamie L. Jackson
Ms. Ptosha Jackson
Ms. Sharon Jackson
Dr. Alan C. Jasper
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Joan and Jean Jennings
Rhotasha L. Jeter
Mrs. Jackie L. Johnson
Mr. Gary Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Larry F. Jones
Ms. Patricia K. Kelly
Elizabeth Kennedy
Ms. Allison E. Kent Bray
Mr. and Mrs. John Killian
Ms. Rebecca King
Leigh Kingsley
Annette Koehler
Ms. Catherine J. Kriz
Ms. Amanda R. Labuda
Mr. Anupam Lahiri
Landau Uniforms, Inc.
Mr. Charles R. Lane
Ms. Dana Laster
Rachel A. Laughlin
Ms. Andrea N. Leatherwood
Ms. Pamela Lenoue
Mr. Jeffrey H. Liebman
Mr. and Mrs. Jim N. Lindstrom
Linda Haley Lipsky and Harry M. Lipsky
Mrs. Jacqueline E. Lloyd
Mr. Zerrick London
Mrs. Jennifer Long
Ms. Sherry Lovelady
Ms. Jill Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lowry
Ms. Rosemary J. Lubiani
Sheon P. Lynch
Mr. Thomas F. Maher III
Ms. Linda Mann
Mrs. Elizabeth Mathew
Ms. Robin M. Mathis
Paul and Roberta Matthews
Dr. and Mrs. William N. May
Robin Mayhall, RN
Mrs. Pamela S. McBride
Mr. Keith C. McClendon
Kristin McCullough
Memphis Conference United Methodist Women
Ms. Lee D. Meyers
Mr. John Miles
Ms. Corbi Milligan
Ms. Robin L. Milton
Dr. Aaron Mitchell
Mr. Thomas Mohaupt
Mrs. Kathryn M. Morelli
Ms. Michelle Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Morris III
Mr. Anthony D. Morrison
Mr. Joe L. Morton
Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church
Ms. Catherin E. Murphy
Ms. Valerie H. Murphy
Mrs. Karlesha Murrell
Dr. Richard Kelley Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty E. Newman
Jane Nichols
Danielle D. Nickum
Ms. Debra W. Noa
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Norman
Ms. Aileen Oliver
Robin, Billy, Benjamin, Megan and Hannah Orgel
Mr. George Osikoya
Dr. and Mrs. Edmond W. Owen
Mr. Chad N. Owens
Ms. D. Nancy Paysinger
Mrs. Mary D. Pennington
Ms. Astrid K. Perez
Mr. Richard Perkins
Regina Perry
Ms. Rada Petrinjac-Nenadic
Curtis L. Petty, Jr.
Rick and Janet Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Phillips
Mr. William E. Pilkington
Mrs. Wendy Pineda
Pinnacle Financial Corporation
Dr. Nikki S. Polis
Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Presley
Karen K. Provence
Jacqueline H. Pulliam
Ms. Amy Ramos
Mr. Joseph T. Ranager
Darlene Reed
Kerry Regen
Rebecca Regen
Dr. Robert L. Richardson, Jr.
Ms. Diane C. Ridgway
Theresa E. Riffe
Dr. and Mrs. Jon H. Robertson
Mr. Patrick C. Robinson
Mrs. Linda Rosenblatt
Rowland & Carter, CPA
Running Pony Productions
Sam's Town Casino
Ms. Linda L. Saunders
Mrs. Helen F. Schlessinger
SEG, Inc.
Ms. Peggy Segraves
Rhonda G. Shepherd
Ms. Elesheba Shye-Parker
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Simmons
Ms. Annette L. Singleton
Mr. Harvey J. Smart
Ms. Beverly L. Smith
Dr. Deborah B. Smith
Mark and Donna Smith
Maida Pearson Smith
Sabrina C. Smith
Mrs. Shirley H. Smith
Southern Spine Specialist PLLC
Mr. Mike Spisak
Ocpivia J. Stafford
Mr. Ray Stallings
Ms. Susan C. Steppe
David D. and Deborah L. Stevens
Stones River Group
Ms. Angela Strain
Strike Zone Bowling Lanes
Timothy Stuckey
Dr. Jennifer L. Sullivan
Ms. Pamela Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Swiggart
Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor
Tennessee Carriers, Inc.
Janice F. Thomas
Ms. Trinity E. Thomas
Ms. Jennifer Thornton
Vanessa West Tolliver, RN, BSN
Dr. and Mrs. T. Carter Towne
Ms. LaTarsha Triplett
Ms. Patricia Tripp
Linda Tuggle
Ms. Jane G. Van Deren
Ms. Melissa Vanderwerf
Donna and Gary Vickery
Carolyn D. Wade
Rose S. Wallace
Jennifer K. Weaver
Ms. Phyllis E. Weaver
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Weems
Phil Wenk
Mr. Chris West
The Wharton Law Firm
Whitehorn Tankersley & Davis CPA
John A. and Brenda F. Wilcher
Mr. Timothy L. Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Shad Williams
Ms. Anissa D. Wilson
Ms. Laurie A. Wilson
Mr. Glen M. Wittig
Ms. Carolyn D. Wright
Dr. Ghany Zafer
Ms. Xia Zhao
Ms. Kelli A. Zimmerman
Mr. Robert Zimmerman
Ms. Carolyn A. Akin
Ms. Marilyn E. Albright
Ms. Patrice M. Aldridge
Betty S. Allbright
Ms. Bea Allen
Ms. Sandra M. Allen
Alliance Healthcare Services
Suzanne R. Arias
Ms. Vanessa Armenise
Don and Meri Armour
Ms. Kimerly A. Arnold
Asbury District Office
Julie and Bryce Ashby
August, Inc.
Ms. Barbara G. Austin
Dannine R. Austin
Ms. Carmetra Avery
Ms. Cynthia G. Avery
Mary E. Axente
Ms. Mickey Babcock
Mr. Stan Bailey
Mr. Bobby G. Baker
Ms. Laura D. Baker
Dr. Matthew Ballo
Kimberly D. Baltz
Ms. Paoli Banchetti
Mr. John A. Bandura
Ms. Temika L. Barber
Mr. Jared Barker
Mr. Steve Barlow
Ms. Helen Barnes
Russell Barnett
Jason M. Barrett
Ms. Merissa Barry
Rev. Teresa Bartlett
Ms. Vickie S. Baselski
Mrs. Ethelene Batts
Ms. Sarah E. Baymiller
James Beasley Jr.
Dr. David L. Beckley and Dr. Gemma D. Beckley
Mr. H Ray Beliles
Reynae Bennett
Ms. Elizabeth J. Benson
James A. Bernardini
Leigh Bernil
Ms. Ellen N. Best
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Bidwell
Ms. Bettye H. Bilbrey
Mr. Mark E. Billingsley
Ms. Nanci S. Black
Ms. Beverly Blair
Sandra L. Bland
Mrs. Nancy S. Blankenship
Kathy S. Bomar
Mr. Max S. Bonner
Mrs. Laritha D. Boone
Leslie R. Bouldin
Ms. Marla J. Bowers
Marti Bradford
Ms. Kristin Bramlett
Ms. Jane G. Brandt
Jennifer A. Britthouer
Ms. Marcia A. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Brooks Jr.
Mrs. Yvette R. Brooks
Ms. Ann C. Brown
Mr. Kaleb A. Brown
Ms. Traci D. Brown
Wendy Brown
Ms. Susan Brubaker
Mrs. Randi Bryan
Tena L. Bryan
Mrs. Angela T. Bryant
Mr. Keith E. Bryant
Mrs. Loretha H. Bryant
Ms. Kathryn D. Buntyn
Nancy Burke
Ms. Tamara L. Burnett
Ms. Jane E. Busby
Ms. Kimberly D. Butler
Ms. Robin Butler
Mr. George R. Byars
Ms. Bonita F. Bynum
Ms. Brittany Caldwell
Ms. Sharon R. Camp
Mrs. Marcia E. Campbell
Ms. Tambra Cantrell
Mrs. Karen M. Carlisle
Mrs. Doris P. Carney
Mr. Richard L. Carpenter
Erin T. Carroll
Ms. Hattie Carter
Ms. Shannon Carter
Mr. Robert A. Cartwright
CBS Sports
Ms. Leslie Cena
Ms. Phyllis Chambers
Ms. Natasha Chatman
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Dr. Aimee M. Christian
Church Health, Inc.
Clarion Security
Bonnie L. Clark
Ms. Caitlin Clark
Ms. Chequita A. Clark
Clay & Land Insurance, Inc.
Trina Coburn
Ms. Bynithia Cole
Ms. Theresa Cole
Ms. Judy L. Coleman
Robin L. Coleman
Ms. Beth T. Collins
Ms. Brenda Conder
Contractors' Supply Plus, Inc.
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Cook
Stanley J. Cooke
Stuart M. Cory
Caren A. Cottam
Melissa Counce
Ms. Angela Covington
Stephanie Cowan
Ms. Patricia A. Cox
Ms. Sadie Cox
Ms. Sheree D. Craig
Ms. Cynthia L. Cresswell
Ms. Mary F. Crigger
Marcia G. Crosby
Mrs. Rebecca Crouch
Mr. Clint F. Cummins
Ms. Charlotte P. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cunningham
Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Advisors
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Dalgo
Ms. Chicquita V. Dandridge
Mr. John Daniel
Ms. Cynthia K. Davis
Ms. Cynthia Davis
Joell Davis
Mr. Melvin Davis
Ms. Kelly Day
Ms. Elizabeth J. DeBacker
Miss Sondra D. Deimund
Mr. and Mrs. George Dendrinos
Mr. Craig A. Dent
Designer Cabinets
Mr. Forest Dickenson
Mr. Sean Doherty
Keith Dooley
Guy K. Douglas
Ms. Donna Downing
Dr. Nilesh Dubal
Dr. Barbara A. Duncan-Cody
Ms. Jacqueline Dwyer
Mr. Brandy Earheart
Mrs. Veronica Eddins
Mrs. Andrea W. Edgerley
Ms. Barbara Edmiston
Allison A. Ellis
Brittany L. Elzie
Ms. Chelsea Erickson
Alexander Escobar
Dr. and Mrs. Marc S. Eskin
Extracon Science LLC
Ms. Heather Field
Richard Fine
Dr. Gregory W. Fink
Ms. Elizabeth W. Flanagan
Ms. Hazel Flynn
Ms. Jesselyn Ford
Ms. Joselyn L. Freeman
Mr. Ron Fried
Ms. Stacey Frizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Frost
Miss Myra D. Gammon
Margaret E. Gardner
Veronika S. Garner
Mrs. Megan Gatewood
Ms. Joy Gattis
Mr. Peter D. Geary
Rosalie Baneck Gibson
Ms. Cheronda Giles
Ms. Donna W. Gilland
Lucia and Jim Gilliland
Mr. and Mrs. James Giusti
Ms. Rhonda D. Goad
Shirley F. Golden
Dr. and Mrs. Neumon T. Goshorn
Ms. Kathleen M. Graham
Ms. Michelle Grandberry
Janet R. Grant
Mr. Kurtil Gray Thompson
Anita L. Green
Brigitt Green
Ms. Christina M. Green
Ms. Colleen K. Green
Flotyl and Jack Gresham and Family
Ms. Cindy J. Grice
Ms. Brandy Grimes
Ms. Melinda Grindstaff
Marcia Lynn Groves
Kaye Gurley
Marilyn Gurley
Hayli M. Guyton
Ms. Linda F. Habashy
Ana Maria Haley
Ms. Terri L. Hall
Ms. Briana Hancock
Mrs. Trina H. Hanks
Jennifer Harper
Ms. Stephanie M. Harrell
Dr. Angela Harris
Ms. Gladys M. Harris
Ms. Songia L. Harris
Ms. Teresa D. Harris
Ms. Sandy J. Harrison
Ms. Anne Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Barry B. Hay
Linda A. Haynes
Mrs. Amanda E. Helton
Dr. Ellena L. Henderson
Marlanda E. Hendrix
Henry Turley Company
Ms. Laura A. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hettinger
Ms. Paola High
Ms. Danita Hill
Ms. Dionne Hill
Marshellia Hill
Ms. Pam Hill
Ms. Sheila D. Hill
Dr. Holly L. Hilsenbeck
Jennifer L. Hines
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Holden
Ms. Barbara Holden Nixon
Pamela C. Holder
Ms. Kimberly Grisanti
Ms. Meta Holliday
Ms. Retony A. Holmes
Toni Holmes
June T. Holt
Dr. Jack T. Hopkins, Jr.
Linda V Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Horton
Mr. Gary L. Houston
Sandra L. Houston
Jacqueline A. Howell
Jean E. Hudson
Keeba L. Hudson
Virginia E. Hughes
Wendy J. Hughes
Ms. Catherine Hupf
Kimberly L. Hutchens
Wayne C. Hyatt
Cindy Inman
Ms. Dorothy L. Irwin
Ms. Sherry Ivy
Aleshica Jackson
Ms. Mable Jackson
Anna R. Jacobs
Manoj & Sunita Jain
Ms. JoAnn Jefferies
Michelle Jelks
Ms. Mary Pat C. Jobes
Ms. Ginger W. Joe
Ms. Cheryl Johnson
Crystal Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Johnson
Renola T. Johnson
Ms. Tasha S. Johnson
Vikki V. Johnson
Ms. Jasmine Jones
Ms. Jocelyn P. Jones
Ms. KaWanda Jones
Mr. Keon J. Jones
Lynnette D. Jones
Ms. Veronica Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Jones
Ms. Bernita F. Jordan
Hal Kaplan
Ms. Sherry E. Kasaitis
Kalis Katie
Maria Katleba
Ms. Mildred Katzen
Ms. Lou A. Keith
Catrina King
Ms. Kathryn L. King
Ms. Melinda King
Mr. Steven A. King
Mr. Rudy Kink
Ms. Janice Kinniburgh
Mr. Steven M. Knight
Ms. Wee S. Kok
Mr. Joe Krushinski
Natalya Kushnir
Mr. Ricky Kuykendall
Mr. Charles E. Lane
Ms. Shawna Langdell
Ms. Donna B. Lanier
Ms. Anita Larkin
Ms. Carmen D. Larkin
Ms. Eileen Latham
Ms. Deborah L. Lawrence
Cynthia E. Lazar
Ms. Frances L. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb W. Lester
Ms. Deborah E. Levin
Ms. Angela J. Lewis
Ms. Rosia L. Lipsey
Mrs. Doris Little
Theresa J. Logan
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Long
Ms. Anna Lopez
Mrs. Cathy Love
Cheryl B. Love
Ms. Emily C. Love
Ms. Christi Lovell
Lowenstein House, Inc.
Bridget A. Lowes
Mrs. Audrey Lucas
Ms. Laura Luther
Laura Luther, RN
Friends of Mark Luttrell
Debra K. Lynch
Ms. Chloe Mackell
Ms. Lawanda D. Mallett
Mr. Herschel E. Manning
Mrs. Reem Mansour
Wanda Manuel
Mr. Brian Marshall
Ms. Chigozie Mason
Mr. Anuj Mathur
Ms. Chi T. Matthews
Mrs. Earline Matthews
Amanda Suzanne Mauck
Chris Mawyer
Ms. Julia Maxwell
Ms. LeAnn Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. McCarthy
Dr. William McClatchy
McDaniel - Whitley, Inc.
Mrs. Stacey McDermott
Rev. and Mrs. Dennis V. McDuffie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. McGlasson Jr.
Ms. Patricia A. McGowan
Mr. Kevin R. McHugh
Ms. Sandra G. McKinney
Ms. Marcia M. McNeal
Marcella E. Meadows
Memphis Ice Machine Company
Ms. Catherine Merkle
Ms. Juanita Merriweather
Ms. Anna T. Messmer
Mrs. Patricia H. Meyer
Ms. April Milam
Ms. Marie J. Milam
Ms. Ashley N. Miller
Ms. Nina L. Miller
Steven A. Miller, Sr.
Ms. Marilyn Moffatt
Ms. Lichelle D. Monegan
Ms. Mary K. Monson
Mr. Randall J. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Moore
Ms. Janet Moore
Ms. Jessica C. Moore
Mr. Tristan A. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Jace H. Morganti
Ms. Ruby Mosley
Ms. Brittany Motlow
Ms. Amanda M. Mouse
Mr. Appliance
Mr. George Muench
Ms. Rhoda E. Myles
Mr. Clinton R. Nassar
Ms. Rita L. Neely
Shirley A. Nesbit, RN
Ms. Rebecca L. Newsom
Jeanne K. Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Nobert
Mr. Michael Nolen
Maureen and Chris O'Connor
Julie O'Day
Ms. Page Oetzel
Ms. Deborah O. Ogundare
Dr. Shelley Ost
Ms. Frances Overbey
Ms. Kelli J. Owens
Ms. Nakisha Parker
Ms. Pamela P. Pate
Mr. and Mrs. Christian C. Patrick
Ms. Vanessa G. Patton
Raiford L. Peterson
Beverly Peyton
Ms. Pamela S. Phelps
Ms. Brittney N. Phillips
Ms. Sharon Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Pilkington
Ms. Sherry D. Pillsbury
Ms. Tonia B. Poteet
Rev. Michael Potts
Mrs. Sara B. Pratt
Ms. Eugenia Y. Price
Mrs. Mary M. Priest
Ms. Cheryl A. Prince
Ms. Theresa Proctor
Ms. Janice R. Ransfer
Ms. Anne Reaves
Mr. Jonathan Rector
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard G. Reuss III
Ms. Peggy Revalee
Dr. Leslie N. Rhodes
Sheila Rhodes
Ms. Yvette J. Rhoton
Ms. Suzanne D. Rice
Ms. Luanne R. Rich
Ms. Loretta P. Richmond
Ms. Diane C. Rinehart
Melody A. Rivers
Mr. Derrick S. Roberson
Mr. James G. Roberts Jr.
Beverly and Howard Robertson
Mr. Guy W. Robertson
Rev. Kenneth S. Robinson and Rev. Marilynn S. Robinson
Mr. Marvin Robinson
Ms. Michelle Robison
Rodney D. Robison
Robin M. Ross
Charity F F. Rotolo
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Routt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rozett
Mr. Sami Sakaan
Ms. Stephany Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sandor
Dr. Christopher W. Sands
Rev. Brad Sartor
Susan Schearer
Mrs. Kathleen T. Schettler
Ms. Janie H. Schultz
Mr. McCoy Scott, Jr.
Dr. Sidney Selvidge
Mr. Michael Shaul
Ms. Carol Shelton
Ms. Tammy Sherrill
Dr. Shira Shiloah
Ms. Teresa Shukla
Mr. Michael S. Sidden
Ms. Kasey K. Skinner
Alycya W. Small
Ms. Beneda C. Smith
Brandy Smith
Ms. Eula L. Smith
Ms. Lori Smith
Ms. Martha Smith
Ms. Tara Smith
Vickye B Smith
Ms. Terri Smith Anderson
Ms. Heather Snyder
Ms. Deborah Spradlin
Ms. Erin Staples
Margaret C. Starnes
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Steinbrecher
Ms. Kimberly D. Stewart
Telsa Stewart
Sullivan Branding
Ms. Jacqueline Y. Swinehart
Nancy E. Talley
Ms. Mary E. Tate-Smith
Ms. Nicole Taylor
Shannon Taylor
Ms. Teresa Q. Taylor
Ms. Amy C. Teal
Ms. Lisa Terry
Dr. William H. Tettelbach
Ms. Blanch L. Thomas
Mrs. Valois A. Thomas
Daryl F. Thomasson
Amy M. Thompson
Ms. Deborah L. Thompson
Ms. Karen A. Thompson
Lorelie Thompson
Thompson & Associates, LLC
Micah J. Timbs
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tipton
Ms. Lorraine S. Titus
Ms. Andrea M. Tolliver
Ms. Nikki S. Tompkins
Ms. Donna Tosches
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Townley
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Townsend IV
Deshundra Travis
Ms. Charlene R. Troxler
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Trzil
Ms. Mossie C. Turner
Ms. Wanda Turner
Nicole Tutton
Ms. Jennifer Twilla
Ms. Cynthia R. Underwood
Patricia Urban
Mr. Justin B. Usery
Dr. and Mrs. Neil J. Utkov
Ms. Margaret Vaughn
Ms. Debbie L. Vess
Mr. Jason R. Wages
Ms. Jean M. Waldo
Ms. Carol B. Walker
Ms. Clarice Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wallace
Margaret V. Wallace
Mr. Ronald Walter
Ms. Janet W. Wardle
Ms. Monique Ware
Shirley J. Warren
Ms. Erica Washington
Ms. Angela Waterbury
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Watkins
Ms. Monda Watson
Tanner L. Weir
Mr. Jeffrey Werner
Ms. Gwen J. Wheeler
Ms. Virginia B. Whelan
Sharon White
Ms. Shiela S. White
Wholesale Lighting, Inc.
Ms. La'Tonya Wilborn
Mr. and Mrs. Carnell Williams
Clarence Williams
Mr. David Williams
Georganna G. Williams
Ms. Kay Williams
Ms. Linda R. Williams
Mr. Mike Williams
Patricia K. Williams
Ms. Tonya R. Williams
Ann E. Willis
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Wilson
Calvin R. Wilson
Melody Wilson
Dr. Sarita Wilson-Guffin
Ms. Sheronna Winters Ragin
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wires
Dawn Marie Woodard
Ms. Clarissa H. Woods
Ms. Linda Wright
Sherry L. Wright
Barrie and Kenneth Wurzburg
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Yancy III
Melissa C. Yarbro
Amanda Yelverton
Paul Yerby
Ms. Pamela G. Young
Dr. Nia Zalamea
Ms. Debbie Abner
Ms. Judi L. Adair
Kathy M. Adams
Ms. Sarah E. Adams
Rodney Ahlrichs
Mr. Rezaul Alam
Ms. Charlotte Albertson
Ms. Tamra J. Albright
Jamie F. Aldridge
Ms. Carla E. Alexander
Ms. Deborah G. Alexander
Ms. Ghada Alkiek
Ms. Christine Allen
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Allen
Rev. Janet Allen
Ms. Romekka C. Allen
Ms. Verneda Allen
Alloy Products, Inc.
Ms. Cecilia C. Althoff
Mrs. Rebecca N. Ammons
Arthur A. Anderson, Jr.
Ms. Brenda D. Anderson
Ms. Darlene Anderson
Jennifer A. Anderson
Ms. Melvina W. Anderson
Shelbi Anderson
Shelia Anderson
Ms. Tachele C. Anderson
Tarus A. Anderson
Ms. Cindy Andrews
Ms. Donna M. Andrews
Mark Apple
Ms. Sharon D. Armour
Adrian Armstrong
Dr. Marsha Armstrong
Ms. Savannah Armstrong
Ms. Teresa Artz
Julia K. Ashton
Ms. Jacqueline D. Askew
Ms. Annette Atkins
Ms. Lakeydra M. Atkins
Ms. Elaine V. Austin
Tina Austin
Ms. Pamela Avant
Ms. Kimberly Avery
Ms. Candice A. Ayers
Ms. Heather L. Ayers
Zakaria Azrag
Teresa Sing Bach
Ms. Carolyn Bagwell
Ms. Ann Bailey
Ms. Brittany A. Bailey
Kimberly Bailey
Ms. Linda H. Bailey
Mr. Marshall L. Bailey
Mary E. Bailey
Terricka L. Bailey
Mrs. Carol B. Baird
Ms. Ardette Baker
Shaunne B. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. William Baker
Ms. Judy Baldwin
Mr. Michael Balinskas
Glenda M. Ball
Ms. Josie Ballin
Ms. Lakesha M. Banks
Ms. Lisa H. Banks
Tommye J. Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barclay
Ms. Laura M. Barden
Ms. Danielle Barnard
Ms. Debra J. Barnes
Mrs. Marcia F. Barnes
Ms. Matilda R. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Barnett
Ms. Julie M. Barnum
Ms. Stacie N. Barrera
Bartlett Woods Church of Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bassett
Dr. Catherine Bateman
Ms. Debora L. Bates
Ms. Felecia Bates
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Bates
Rev. Lynda Bates-Stepe
Tekita L. Beal
Keith Beames
Ms. Frances M. Beamon
Annette Beard
Mrs. Sheryl Bearden
Mr. Ernest Behnke
Mr. William M. Bell
Kelley and Robert Benson
Stella L. Benson
Mrs. Lelia T. Berkley
Ms. Marylee Berro
Mr. Christopher W. Bevans
Ms. Heather N. Bierbrodt
Mr. Shawn L. Bierman
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Billings, Jr.
Ms. Meredith A. Bingham
Ms. Carmencita Binns
Ms. Antoinette C. Birse
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Black
Toni Black
Ms. Jacqueline Blackwell
Elgia M. Blaine
Ms. Darla R. Humes
Ms. Joyce J. Blair
Patrinia Blakey
Ashley N. Blakley
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blankenship
Dr. Patrick Blankinship
Annette Bledsoe
Keva Bledsoe
Ms. Denise M. Timmerman
Angela Blue
Bluebonnet Doll Collectors Club of Texas
Ms. Velma Blunt
Dr. and Mrs. Joe A. Blythe
Blythe Medical
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Boals
Drs. James and Jennifer Boals
Dr. Jennifer Boals
Ms. Andrea M. Boatman
Joselyn A. Boatwright
Kelly S. Bobo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bobo
Ifrah S. Bogoreh
Tawana R. Bolden Brewer
Mr. Eric Bonner
Ms. Gloria E. Bonnett
Mr. Justin Booker
Ms. Cynthia C. Boone
Dylann M. Boone
Ryan Borden
Mr. Joshua Boss
Ms. Laura B. Bostain
Bessie I. Bowen
Ms. Glenda Bowen
Maxie A. Bowen
Mrs. Nikayla Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Boyd
Ms. Vicki L. Boyd
Ms. Britney Boyland
Ms. Melissa Bracey
Ms. Tarra T. Bradford
Ms. Lindsay M. Bradshaw
Linda Brantley
Mr. Paul W. Brewer
Ms. Julie L. Bridger
Ms. Donna M. Briggs
Ms. Susan Brinson
Ashley N. Britton
Ms. Kenisha R. Brock
Ms. Edie J. Brooks
Ms. Shelia R. Broome
Ms. Beverly D. Brown
Crystal Y. Brown
Mrs. Debbie Brown
Denetra C. Brown
Dexter Brown
Ms. Erskine M. Brown
Jayne L. Brown
Mr. Kelly M. Brown
Ms. Kimberly E. Brown
Ms. Lori D. Brown
Ms. Sandra S. Brown
Ms. Steve Brown
Ms. Tomegia Brown
Mr. Charles H. Brownlee, Jr.
Sheneka Brown-Taylor
Darla Bruce
Dr. Lucy Bruijn
Ms. Ashley S. Bruno
Ms. Claudia Bryant
Ms. Donna L. Bryant
Ms. Heidi K. Bryant
Melinda B Buchanan
Dr. and Mrs. David Buechner
Brooke Buford
Ms. Blondine Buggs
Bridgette Bulloch
Ms. Amy Bulman
Shellie D. Burchett
Mr. Kenneth Bart Burger
Amy C. Burgess
Mrs. Margaret L. Burhop
Ms. Natalie J. Burks
Donna L. Burnett
Keri Burnette
Ms. Mary C. Burr
Ms. Tanyetta Burrus
Ms. Lydia A. Bursi
Ms. Carol L. Burton
Sybil R. Burton
Ms. Tina T. Busby
Rebecca and Nick Bussey
Ms. Amber Butler
Mrs. Karen T. Butler
Ms. Sharon B. Butler
Ms. Jennifer L. Dorman
Angela West
LaTonya Bynum
Mr. Reginald C. Byrd
Ms. Patty N. Caldwell
Ms. Randa D. Callonas
Ms. Kenya K. Calvin
Mr. Bradley Camp
Ms. Betty R. Campbell
Katherine Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Campbell
Ms. Beverly Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. William Capooth
Ms. Sandra Cardwell
Cathy Cariota
Mr. Bob S. Carlile
Mr. Scotty L. Carmon
Carol G. Carnell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Carney
Ms. Kimberly Carpenter
Ms. Edna M. Carroll
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Carruth
Ms. Aleda Carter
Ms. Carmella Carter
Joyce M. Carter
Ms. Lula F. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Keith Carter
Mr. Robert L. Carter III
Rosaline Casey
Mr. Darron E. Castaing
Ms. Rebecca D. Castilo
Mr. Phillip M. Cates
Ms. Felisa Cathey
Keesha L. Cathey
Ada Catron
Ms. Linda I. Caughron
Ms. Diane R. Cecerre
Centenary United Methodist Church
Ms. Ruth M. Cephas
Dr. Vladimir Chachanidze
Dr. Chun Chan
Sophal Chan
Ms. Jamie Chandler
Cally Channel
Mr. JP Charfauros
William T. Charles
Dr. Nancy A. Chase
Shakela Chase
Ms. Angela C. Childs
Kandis Childs
Ms. Eufala Chism
Ms. Paula M. Chisum
Ms. Laura Chu
Brenda Clark
Ms. Cora L. Clark
Jo E. Clark
Mr. Joseph M. Clark, Jr.
Ms. Marla Clark
Tracey Clarke
Ms. Michelle L. Clay
Mr. Darrell F. Clayborne
Jamie E. Clayton
Clayton and McKervey, P.C.
Tyrone D. Clements
Shirley M. Clemons
Erin Clouse
Ms. Bettye R. Cobb
Mr. Terry L. Cobb
Ms. Genoa L. Cobo
Ms. Jeannie M. Cochran
Miss Crystal Coker
Mr. Charles E. Cole
Dr. and Mrs. Francis H. Cole, Jr.
Lauren L. Cole
Ms. Sherrill R. Cole
Daniel Coleman
Ms. Erika C. Collier
Erin Collier
Felecia N. Collier
Ms. Vicky Collier
Ms. Alexzandrea D. McCrary
Angela Collins
Ms. Angela Collins
Ms. Carolyn D. Collins
Clinton Collins
Ms. Jonique K. Collins
The Peter J. Connelly Family
Chelonda R. Conner
Mr. Eddie Conner
George Russell Conner, RN
Roleta Conner
Michelle Accardi Connors
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Conrad
Ms. Sharon Conrad
Ms. Angela M. Conway- Leake
Catherine Cook
David and Theresa Cook
Gary R. Cook
Ms. Madelyn L. Cook
Ms. Karen E. Corbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cordaro
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Cordray
Amanda E. Corkran
Mrs. Patricia A. Corson
Jessica N. Coss
Ms. Janet L. Cotter
Ms. Eatha B. Couch
Ms. Jessica D. Couch
Melissa A. Tipler
Ms. Patricia A. Cox
Mr. John R. Crafford
Donnita Craft
Mr. Terry L. Craft
Zachary Craven
Ms. Camille Crawford
Cheryl Crawford
Ms. Jana M. Crawford
Rachel Crawford
Tessie L. Crawford
Ms. Virginia Crawford
Ms. Donna Creekmore
Crenshaw Plumbing Co.
Mrs. Ann G. Creson
Dr. and Mrs. T. Kyle Creson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Crews, Jr.
Ms. Colby Crim
Ms. Lois M. Criswell
Ms. Sheila L. Criswell
Rev. Rebecca Crites
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Crosier
Donna and Thomas Crosnoe
Dr. Cynthia Cross
Ms. Dana L. Crotwell
Cathy L. Crouse
Lisa J. Crum
Ms. Sharita Cryer-West
Jan Culbreath
Ms. Michelle Cullipher
Kari J. Culton
Ms. Carolyn Cummings
Ms. Rachel Curbow
Ms. Andrea N. Curry
Ms. Jameelah M. Curry
Ms. June Curry
Pamela M. Curry
Raquel Cutshall
Ms. Kathy R. Cuyler
Yvette D. Dabbs
Ms. LaToya Dallas
Ms. Madelyn Dancy
Mr. Jerry Daniel
Ms. Rhonda L. Daniels
Ms. JoAnn Danna
Holley C. Dargie
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Daughtry
Mr. Denzin David
Ms. Jasmine Davis
Ms. Melissa Davis
Dr. Randall Davis
Rhonda R. Davis
Ms. Rhonda A. Davis
Ms. Talunda L. Davis
Virginia L. Davis
Mrs. Barbara Davison
Ms. Jenifer R. Day
Kristen C. Day
Hazel DeBerry
Ms. Sherese D. DeBerry-Ndiaye
Jacqueline Debose
Angela M. Dedrick
Mr. Christopher Dehaan
Dana E. Delarme
Brenda D. Dennis
Dr. Brooke Denson
Ms. Sandra F. Dent
Mr. and Mrs. William Deweese
Danny Dias
Mr. James Dickey
Ms. Tina Dickinson Jones
Mr. Julius Dillard
Ms. Ronitrice N. Dillard
Aundria R. Dilworth
Edwynna L. Dirlam-Harris
Mr. John Dixon
Ms. Leigh E. Doddridge
Mr. Bobby L. Dollar, Jr.
Brown M. Donna
Dr. F. Daniel Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Donovan
Florin Dorobantu
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dorr
Ms. Belinda Dorsey
Dr. Jasmine Dorsey
Ms. Vickie T. Dotson
Dorris A. Dotson-Suggs
Miss Jessica Dougan
Helen M. Douglass
Cheryia Dowell
Mr. Clifford Downey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doyle
Ms. Stacey Drake
Ms. Sara E. Drewry
Paula M. Dudley
Mr. Reid Dulberger
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dunahoo
Amy L. Duncan
Ms. Eunice Dunn
Ms. Renita T. Durham
Mrs. Michele Durkee
Gina Durmeier
Dr. Andrew W. Dyer
Ms. Jeanette Eason
Ms. Sheilah L. Easterling
Ms. Barbara J. Ebert
Ms. Angela Echols Devould
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Eckstein
Mr. Larry D. Eddins
Ms. Paula M. Edgerley
Anjanette Edwards
Larry O. Edwards
Ms. Linda R. Edwards
Ms. Amy Egerman
Dr. Robert Eiseman
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ellichman
Cleveland D. Elliott Jr.
Ms. Karen Ellis
Mrs. Mary R. Ellis
Dr. Donald Emerson
Courtney English
Ms. Christina M. Enriquez
Leslie Epps
Ms. Lynsi Ernst
Ms. Kera Estes
Ms. Stephanie L. Eubanks
Ms. Chalise Evans
Ivory J. Evans
Ms. JoAnn Evans
Ms. Melissa G. Evans
Mr. Robert L. Evans
Ms. Audrey B. Evensky
Mrs. Susan Ewing
Ms. Romesha Fairley
Dr. David Fang
Mrs. Lisa Farino
Ms. Tammi L. Farrell
Ms. Joy M. Farwell
Juanita E. Farwell
Ms. Alison Faulk
Ms. Ashley D. Faulkner
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
FedEx Express
Stacie J. Feldmayer
Ms. Maxine E. Fenner
Ms. Doris Fentress
Mr. William I. Ferguson
Joel C. Fernald
Terry L. Fink
Mr. Chad R. Finley
Ms. Patricia M. Finney
First United Methodist Church
Fisch Sigler LLP
Ms. Genelle A. Fischer
Tara L. Fisher
Ms. Barbara A. Fitzgerald
Phyllis Fiveash
Glenna Boales Flautt
Ms. Stacy P. Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. Noel Florendo
Ms. Gabriella Flores
Ms. Melissa R. Flowers
Mr. Michael Floyd
Ms. Regina S. Floyd
Sarah M. Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fogarty
Ms. Erin K. Fontenot
Mr. Adam Ford
Mr. Billy D. Ford
Cynthia A. Ford
Garry Lynn Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ford
Ms. Joanne Foren
Ms. Ashley Forjet
Kimberly Forker
Faith R. Foster
Stephanie Foster
Donna Fountain
Mrs. Becky Fowler
Kate M. Fowler
Ms. Carol Fox
Connie Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Franklin
Ms. Tara Frans
Grace A. Frazier
Jessica L. Frazier
Ms. Edna Freeland
Ms. Leslie Freeland
Mrs. Donna Freeman
Ms. Pamela S. Freeman
Rev. Woodrow Freeze
Ms. Aline M. French
Friends of Gilda's Club Memphis
Ms. Chrystal Fritz
Mrs. Patti Fulkerson
Ms. Charlene Fulton
Erin Funderburk
Mikela Gaines
Mr. Michael W. Galbreath
Ms. Nancy A. Galindez
AGCS Willis E. Gallaher, USN Ret.
Janet L. Gallimore
Mr. David Gambles
Ms. Karen D. Gardner
Roxanne Gardner
Ms. Brunetta Garner
Dr. Kevin M. Garrett
Ms. Vanessa Garrison
Mrs. Mary F. Gaston
Ms. Callie S. Gately
Vickie Gatlin
Mr. and Mrs. Al Gatti
Amy J. Gault
Ms. Pamela J. Gay
Ronald E. Geddings
Susan Gent
Germantown Church Christ
Ms. Sara Gibbs
Mr. Marlon Gibson
Mrs. Suzanne E. Gibson
Ms. Dorothy Gilchrist
Kathryn and Jim Gilliland
Sharon D. Gipson
Jane W. Githinji
Robert Givens
Ms. Sonya R. Glasgow
Mr. John D. Glass
Mrs. Terri B. Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gleeson
Mrs. Jamie Glenn
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Glenn
Jennifer M. Goebel
Mrs. Arlene E. Goldner
Ms. Ellen Goleb
Ms. Amy C. Goo
Ms. Barbaralette Goodwin Davis
Tina M. Gore-Griffin
Mrs. Margaret D. Gorney
Barbara B. Graham
Deborah M. Graham
Tommie E. Granberry
Mr. Larry Grandberry
Mr. Willie E. Grandberry
Clark and Elisha Grantham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gratzer
Ms. Ruth M. Graves
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Graves
Ms. Barbara Gray
Doretha Gray
Ms. Harriette Gray
Kammie L. Gray
Sharon J. Gray
Ms. Sherrie A. Gray
Stuart L. Gray
Dr. Brian Green
Mr. Marcus Green
Zaquishia Green
Mrs. Heather Greene
Ms. Judy C. Greene
Keitra Greene
Ms. Kelly N. Greene
Peggy J. Green-Jenkins
Ms. Kristyn Gresham
Ms. Joy C. Gribble
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Griffin
Ms. Carol Griffin
Rosemary Griffin
Ms. Ballina Haney
Ms. Sandra Grimes
Ms. Peggy J. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Gruber
GTS Technologies
Gina Guasco
Ms. Lauren Guff
Mr. Sidney Guinn
Linda A. Guyton
Ms. Barbara M. Hale
Mr. Darin K. Halford
Ms. Janice Hall
Ms. Michelle K. Hall
Mr. David P. Halle, Jr.
Linda L. Halliburton
Karen and Adam Hamburger
Ms. Johari A. Hamilton
Twallie A. Hamilton
Mrs. Bonnie Hampton
Ms. Josephine Hampton
Tanya Hampton
Marlena A. Hankins
Mrs. Mary H. Hanks
Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Hansen, Jr.
Dr. Dale E. Hansen III
Patricia Hardaway
Rev. Patt C. Hardaway
Ms. Sarah E. Hardaway
Mrs. Angelia D. Harding
Ms. Karen C. Hardy
Kristie Hardy
Ms. Latonya S. Hardy
Meg Harmeier
Autumn Harris
Devon Harris
Hattie J. Harris
Mr. Jeffery D. Harris
Ms. Linda Harris
Ms. Phyllis R. Harris
Ruby R. Harris
Ms. Tonya M. Harris
Mrs. Jessica Harrison
Ronald C. Hart Family Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Harts
Richard D. Hartsfield
Mr. Tommie Harville
Ms. Janice Harville Lowery
Mike and Lanette Harwell
Ms. Berthetta Hatch
Ms. Amanda A. Hatfield
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Hausmann
Mr. Darius C. Hayes
Linda J. Hayes
Mr. Melanie M. Hayes
Ms. Ruthie M. Hayes
Tracey F. Hays
Health Strategies Group, Inc.
Ms. Cherie M. Heard
Rev. Joey Heath
Ms. Michelle S. Hefley
Mr. Charles F. Heifet
Rev. Rachel Helgeson
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Helmkamp
Susan and Richard Helms
Mrs. Lucille Hemingway
Mr. Alvin Q. Henderson
Ms. Carla Henderson
Ms. Sheri S. Henderson
Barbara J. Henderson-Fleming
Ms. Tina Hendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hendrix
Mr. Charles Hennesy
Mr. Kenneth L. Henry
Ms. Mackenzie L. Henry
Ms. Tracy D. Henry
Ms. Brenda Hensley
Karen Hensley
Ms. Linda S. Henson
Ms. Sharon Herlichy
Mr. John Herrman
Ms. Lakesha Herron
Ms. Edith M. Hertsel
Ms. Teresa Hester
Kim S. Hickerson
Ms. Teresea Hicks
Mrs. Rachel D. Higgins
Lucretia D. Hill
Ms. Mary H. Hill
Ms. Shelley E. Hill
Ms. Sheryl L. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Hill
Lawanda Hill-Echols
Deborah D. Hillman
Ms. Melissa Hines
Tamiika Hines
Mr. Tevin D. Hines
Ms. Krislyn D. Hinsch
Ms. Lisa Hirschman
Ms. Tereatha P. Hobbs
Ms. Karen D. Hobson
Ms. Laurie W. Hobson
Ms. Nina M. Hobson
Ms. Kami K. Hodge
Ashante Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hodges
Dr. John Hodges
Dr. Linda C. Hodgkiss
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Hof
Mr. Jay Hoffman
Cindy Hogg
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Holcomb
Ms. Connie Holland
Jacqueline R. Holley
Michelle S. Holley
Karey Holliday
Ms. Jean S. Hollifield
Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Hollingsworth Jr.
Ms. Angela N. Hollingsworth
Kwanei D. Holloway
Ms. Rachel Hollowell
Dr. Benjamin Holman
Shirley M. Holman
Cheryl D. Holmes
Ms. Hope Holmes
Chaplain Dick Holt
Homage, LLC
The Hooten Hughes Agency LLC
Cyndi Hopkins
Mr. Ron Hopkinson
Ms. Carol Hopper
Dr. and Mrs. Kristopher Cornell Horne
Dr. and Mrs. James Horner
Robyn Hornsby
Amanda K. Horrell
Ms. Amanda Horton
Ms. Brittany Horton
Ms. Elisha L. Hoskins
Mr. Patrick Hoskins
Ms. Mary N. Hoth
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Housdan
Mr. Jarrod Houston
Ms. Latonya S. Houston
Ms. Shameka S. Houston
Tondelyo S. Houston
Ms. Candice Howard
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Howard
Ms. Leann B. Howerton
Mrs. Stacy A. Huddleston
Joanna M. Hudson
Jessie R. Huggins
LaTonya N. Huggins
Ms. Linda S. Hughes
Kathy Hunt
Patricia D. Hunter
Mrs. Johnnie Huston
Gloria J. Hyde
Ms. Madonna M. Igielinski
Mr. Andrew Inglis
Ms. Kimberly Ingram
Ms. Mallory N. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Inman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Innis
Insurance Consulting Group, Inc.
Ms. Timi Alice N. Irvin
LaQuenta D. Isaac
Sharon D. Isabel
Ms. Susan Ivery
Ms. Marianne Ivie
Ms. Davida Ivory
Ms. Marian Ivy
Bobby J. Jackson
Brittany D. Jackson
Julia K. Jackson
Ms. Latise M. Jackson
Ms. Tawana R. Jackson
Ms. Tracy D. Jackson
Tracy L. Jackson
JAMAC Logistics, LLC
Ms. Angela M. James
Lillie P. Jefferson
Ms. Kim Jeffries
Charlotte B. Jenkins
Dr. and Mrs. Jon C. Jenkins
Ms. La Jenkins
Ms. Ursula S. Jenkins
Ms. Vickey M. Jenkins
Ms. Elisha M. Jerry
Ms. Lora C. Jobe
Danna L. Johns
Ms. Andrea Johnson
Ms. Angela D. Johnson
Ms. Angela P. Johnson
Ms. Anita R. Johnson
Ms. Blanche B. Johnson
Carolyn Johnson
Collin L. Johnson
Mr. Derek V. Johnson
Ms. Dollie A. Johnson
Mr. Herman A. Johnson, II
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Johnson
Juliet A. Johnson
Laura Johnson
Ms. Lisa Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Mr. Matthew Johnson
Ms. Shanta L. Johnson
Ms. Tamala Murphy Johnson
Teresa R. Johnson
Christina C. Johnston
Ms. Lisa D. Johnston
Ms. Deborah E. Joiner
Mr. Jason Joiner
Ms. Barbara Jones
Ms. Barbara J. Jones
Betty J. Jones
Ms. Felecia Jones
Mr. Frank Jones
Mrs. Juliet Jones
Ms. Kimberly Jones
LaToya C. Jones
Lequita D. Jones
Maranda J. Jones
Mr. Michael F. Jones
Ms. Monea L. Jones
Mr. Russell Jones
Ms. Teutonia V. Jones
Tujuanna Jones
Dorothy J. Jordan
Gwendolyn J. Jordan
Ms. Judy C. Jordan
Shirley Joseph
Dr. Surekha S. Joshi
Norma G. Joslin
Ms. Melissa B. P. Juan
Mr. James Judd
Kathryn Justus
Dr. and Mrs. Someswara R. Karri
Katie Kalsi LLC
Ms. Vivian Kaufman
Necole Y. Keaton
Mr. Danny G. Kee
Ms. Natalya Keeshnir
Ms. Jacquelyn V. Kelley
Mr. Richard E. Kelley III
Mrs. Eileen Kennedy
Michelle D. Kent
Ms. Daphne Keys
Mr. Jerry L. Kimble
Ms. Stephanie S. Kimble
Kemetra Kimg
Ms. Anitria J. Kimmons
Ms. Marquita King
Martha King
Marcia L. Kirkland
Mary S. Kirkland
Mr. Dustin Kissire
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Klueh
Ms. Kristina Knies
Eshonishunet K. Knight
Ms. Jasmine J. Knight
Ms. Melody Knight
Miss Susan Koehler
Ms. Lisa Kohring
Jessica E. Kothe
Ms. Linda K. Kroencke
Deepthi Kurup
Lisa P. Lafarlette
Ms. Elizabeth Lamarr
Ms. Debbie Lamontagne
Ms. Karen W. Lamport
Samantha Y. Lancaster
Shirley A. Land
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Landau
Ms. Bridget L. Lane
Naseera Langford
Ms. Ann Langston
Mr. Robert C. Lanier
Susan G. Larkins
Ms. Sara E. Latham
Ms. Nancy H. Lawhead
Ms. Amy Lawrence
Ms. Cheryl Higgins
Joseph A. Lawrence
Ms. Tomeka R. Lawson
Willie F. Lawson
Jeri Lawson - Pennel
Mrs. Aileen Leavitt
Ms. Patricia A. Lechman
Dr. Kelley R. Lee and Dr. Mark R. Lee
Melvin and Margaret Lee
Ms. Amanda Legge
Ms. Vicki P. Legue
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Lemmi
Ms. Lisa N. Lendermon
Joyce Lenzing
Ms. Kristin W. Lester
Ms. Jeanette Lewis
Jodi R. Lewis
Ms. Kimberly R. Lewis
Ms. LaShawn Lewis
Rebecca L. Lewis
Ms. Latese Q. Liggins
Evelyn Lilton
Mr. and Mrs. Manley O. Limbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lincoln
Ms. Samantha J. Lindner
Ms. Sandra Link
Mr. Perry C. Little
Ms. Venita K. Littlejohn
Ms. Carolyn Livingston
Karmon S. Lloyd
Mrs. Tammie Lo
Jiu Charles Lock
Patricia Locke
Mrs. Jeri D. Lockhart
Ms. Lashelle R. Lockhart
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lodrigue, Jr.
Ms. Cynthia D. Logan
Trudee L. Logan
Mr. Samuel London
Ms. Ida Long
Mr. Jose Lopez
Ms. Catherine E. Lott
Ms. Willie Love
Ms. Lois A. Lovelace
Leslie Loveless
Dr. and Mrs. LaVerne R. Lovell
Amanda H. Lovett
Ms. Janie Lowery
Lowrie Electric
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Loy
Frances S. Loyd
Ms. Marlena Lucas
Ms. Leslie E. Lumpkin
Ms. Britney A. Lung
Mrs. Curry W. Luttrell
Karen Luttrell
Ms. Tonya D. Lutts
John and Sheon Lynch
Ms. Katherine J. Lynch
Ms. Rebecca J. Mabus
Mrs. Stephanie L. Maddox
Mr. Andrew Magill
Mr. Brian Maglothin
Mr. William J. Maguire
Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals
Ms. Renita Maiten
Mr. Bryan Malone
Mr. Douglas L. Malone, Jr.
Mr. Paul Maners
Megan J. Manning
Janet C. Mansfield
Ms. Catherine Marcinko
Ms. Kandi Mardis
Carol A. Marsh
Ms. Hazel L. Marsh
Mr. Michael R. Marshall
Sherita R. Marshall
Sarah E. Martelli
Rev. Adrienne Martin
Ms. Deborah B. Martin
Dr. James W. Martin
Mr. Jason Martin
Ms. Maketa Martin
Mario Martin
Ms. Pamela Martin
Theresa Martin
Ms. Tracy Martin
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mashburn
Ms. Sandra Massey
Ken and Marilyn Masterson
Lituses R. Matthews
Ms. Sylvia L. Matthews
Ms. Mitzi R. Mattingly
Mrs. Ann Mauck
Rebecca J. Maxwell
Ms. Janie E. Mayfield
Mr. Marlin Mayo
Ms. Corry Mazerac
John J. McAlexander
Mr. William T. McAlilly
Teresa McAnulty
Mr. and Mrs. James R. McCarter
Janice M. McCaskill
Ms. Marion McClain
Mrs. Kelly L. McClelland
Sharlette A. McCloud
Lagena R. McCollins
Mr. Gerald McCormick
Lashunda McCoy
Glynda D. McCray
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McCreight
Ms. Pamelia McCullar
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. McCullers
Ms. Allison McCulley
Ms. Paula McCulley
Ila S. McDonald
Ms. Donna McDonald-Martin
Chanda J. McDougale
Mrs. Connie McDuffee
Ms. Tina Mcelravey
Mr. Eric McEnerney
Mrs. Karen R. McFadden
Mrs. Etta McGhee
Ms. Angela McGinley
Mrs. Kimberly McGlothan
Ms. Cassandra D. McGowan-Rucker
Ms. Amy D. McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. McIntyre
Ms. Joyce A. McKee
Ms. Dawn A. McKeel
Ms. Sheila R. McKinney
Katie M. McLean
Ms. Anna E. McLemore
Ms. Allison R. McMillin
Ms. Latonya McNeal
Mr. Logan Meeks
Julie M. Melton
Debbie L. Mengarelli
Ms. Samantha R. Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. Newton H. Metcalf, Jr.
Lynda and Stephen Meyer
Ms. Sibyl D. Meyers-Williams
Ms. Janet B. Meyner
Ralph A. Micheletti
Ayanna N. Miller
Mr. James F. Miller
Ms. Jennifer Miller
Lula M. Miller
Dr. Mark Miller
Ms. Lora Mills
Ms. Frances E. Mims
Ms. Winfred Minor
Mr. Wilbanks Mischell
Mississippi Annual Conference of the UMC
Ms. Lorna Mitchell
Marilyn A. Mitchell
Ms. Barbara A. Mixon
Marliatou B. Mohammad
Dominic C. Mondero
Ms. Janet Montague
Ms. Trina Montague
Dr. Van Montgomery
Mr. Christopher Mooney
Atenette (Jackie) M. Moore
Ms. Cynthia Moore
Ms. Glenda D. Moore
John T. Moore
Melinda Moore
Ms. Sharon D. Moore
Mrs. Shelia Moore
Theresa R. Moore
Vanessa Moore
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Morfey
Christina R. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Morgan III
Gloria J. Morgan
Mr. Gordon Morison
Ms. Vivian Morman
Mr. Scott Morrell
Diane Morris
Ms. Donna A. Morris
Ms. Donna J. Morris
Elizabeth Morris
Ms. Mindy D. Morris
Mrs. Kim Morrison
Morrison Healthcare
Ms. DeAna M. Morrow
Dr. and Mrs. Davis D. Moser
Ms. Chondra Mosley
Ms. Karla A. Mosley
Shirley Mosley
Jason and Ashley Moss
Cynthia Motes
Mullins United Methodist
Ms. Sheri Mullis
Mr. Jerry Muncy
Ms. Lisa P. Murphy
Yin-chen Murray
Ms. Betty L. Murrell
Ms. Cheryl D. Murrell-Evans
Donna Prewitt
Ms. Deborah Mwazi
Ms. Mary Gay Myers
Ms. Virginia L. Myers
Rushali K. Naik
Ms. Alice Nall
Ms. Sylena M. Nash
Dr. Alejandro Natera
Ms. Jennifer Nathaniel
Ms. Jennifer Nathaniel
Ms. Rozanna J. Neely
Ms. Marilyn Neenan
Donna L. Nelson
Ms. Vickie E. Nevilles
Mr. Leroy Newby
Ms. Shalonda M. Newby
Ms. Nettie L. Newchurch
Dr. Justin Newman
Ms. Linda C. Nicoll
Ms. Paula C. Niepoetter
Memorie Noel
Carla A. Norton
Ms. Van R. Nortwick
Brandon Norwood
Lynn C. Nunally
Ms. Tammy C. O'Barr
Mr. Maurice Odom
Mr. Jeffrey O'Keefe
Ms. Angela W. O'Kelly
Mr. John Oldenburg
Chelsea R. Oliver
Krystle Oliver
Mr. Royce J. Oliver
Ms. Lori Olson
Mr. Juan Ortiz
Carol M. Osborne
Ms. Tia Osment
Dawn M. Oswald
Zina C. Oten Jordan
Mr. Kent Overturf
Mr. Charles J. Owen
Mrs. Desta Owens
Ms. Nancy M. Owens
Ms. Teneile Owens
Nelle Pallme
Ms. Terri D. Palmore
Ms. Manjari Pandey
Ms. Donna Parchman
Dr. Salil P. Parikh
Ms. Kimberly M. Parker
Taquisha Parker
Terry R. Nolen
Holly Parks Fuller
Parks Realty
Parkway Heights United Methodist Church
Joyce A. Parrish
Ms. Terrye L. Parrish
Ms. Marla D. Parrott
Mrs. Lori Parsley
Ms. Tameika T. Parson
April E. Parsons
Mrs. Connie M. Parten
Ms. Virlira Pass
Mr. Dwayne Pate
Mr. and Mrs. Demetri Patikas
Ms. Ava Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. C. Allen Patterson
Dr. Carrie Patterson
Ms. Denise L. Patterson
Ms. Dotti Patterson
Ms. Jo Mae Paulin
Ms. Dawn Pawlitschek
Michael A. Payne
Dr. Janice Pazar
Ms. Elisabeth Peacock
Mr. Steven B. Pearson
Ms. Patricia Peeples
Jessica E. Peggs
William A. Pegues
Ms. Loretta Pendergrast
Ms. Patricia W. Pendergrast
Ms. Cynthia N. Penelton
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Peppler
Kimberly M. Perkins
Ms. Jannett Pernell
Kathy F. Perry
Vikkita J. Perry
W. Jean Perry
Ms. Yshelia Perry
Alan E. Peterson
Ms. Felicia Y. Pettis
Mr. John G. Pew
Ms. Calentine F. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Phillips
Ms. Mae Phillips
Ms. Stefany M. Phillips
Ms. Misty D. Pickard
Mr. Charles J. Pieratt
Ms. Kathleen D. Pigoncelli
Mr. Jason Pijavunno
Mrs. Kristin Piknjac
Tony A. Pillstrom
Jacqueline Pinkney
Janet R. Pirtle
Ms. Angela Pitcher
Ms. Jeannette C. Platt
Ms. Helen C. Plummer
Pradeep S. Podila
Mrs. Scarlet Poley
Temesha E. Polk-Howard
James A. Pool
Jamie L. Pope
Mr. Moshood A. Popoola
Ms. Bobbie J. Porter
Mr. Joel Porter
Dr. Jolie G. Porter
Silpa Potru
Opal M. Powell
Ms. Renee Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Rico Powell
Tamillah Powell
Cheryl L. Powers
Mr. Nathan Prager
Jessica E. Mooneyham
Morgan L. Presson
Ms. Amanda Price
Ms. Lisa M. Proctor
Alease M. Profit
Ms. Lakesha N. Pruitt
Ms. Patricia Pruitte
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pugh
Karen D. Pugh
Ms. Stephanie Y. Pugh
Ms. Diana L. Pullen
Ms. Georgianna H. Pulley
Ms. Christine J. Purchase
Ms. Teresa Quintero
Ms. Natalia F. Quiseng
Ms. Shana R. Ramey
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ramsey
Ms. Teresa A. Ratcliffe
Ms. Brenda C. Ray
Hacienda Ray
Ms. Luanne M. Ray
Mr. Martin Ray
Mrs. Sherry A. Ray
Joan E. Rayford
Ms. Cynthia W. Reaves
Tequilla M. Redd
Mr. Willie A. Redd
Mr. John Redner
Ms. Elizabeth Reece
Mr. David Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed
Dr. Patrice Reed
Ms. Shawana A. Reed
Ms. Magdalena Reese
Ms. Angela D. Reid
Wendi Reinmann
Mrs. Jan Reisman
Dr. Louis H. Reiss
Ms. Betty A. Relliford
Mr. Stephen A. Renicks
Kenya Reynolds
Kristi J. Reynolds
Mr. Sam Reynolds
Ms. Tina A. Reynolds
Renika T. Rice
Terri L. Knowlton-Richards
Mary E. Richardson
Kelly L. Richey
Ms. Gail Richmond
Ms. Lisa Richmond
Mr. Tarrence L. Richmond
Ms. Jennifer L. Rickett
Ms. Shirley G. Riddle
Ms. Mary Rider
Marilyn Ridgell
Ms. Jewell L. Rieben
Mr. Gary Riedel
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Riley
Ms. Leila Riley
Sean L. Riley
Ms. Aleigh D. Rivers
Ms. Diana Rivers
Ms. Sophia L. Rivers
Corey L. Roberson
Dr. and Mrs. Jon A. Roberts
Ms. Andrea Robertson
Ms. Kathleen K. Robertson
Ms. Alyssa M. Robinson
Carolyn J. Robinson
Ms. Debra M. Robinson
Toni F. Robinson
Ms. Rurlean Roby
Mr. James A. Rodgers
Ms. Cheryl A. Rodriguez
Mr. Michael Rodriguez-Chapman
Della M. Rogers
Sharon G. Rogers
Dr. Philip Rojas
Mr. Richard Rome
Mrs. Susan Rook
Ms. Carmen Rooks
Mr. Kevin M. Rooks
Ms. DePaula Ross
Ms. Stacy Rosson
Sarah Rowan
Cynthia B. Rowell
Ms. Patricia Rucker
Phyllis M. Rucker
Dr. David Rudd and Dr. Loretta Rudd
Marcia Rudd
Ms. Diane Rudner
Ms. Jennifer Pardo
Mr. Victor Ruffin
Diane L. Rushing
Melanie R. Russell
Mr. Johnny H. Rutledge
Mrs. Debra Saharovich
Mr. Lambert K. Sain
Ms. Patricia A. Sain
Ms. Vanessa Sain-Wooldridge
Jolanta Sakaan
Mr. Jose G. Salazar
Ms. Angela M. Sales
Mr. James H. Salley
Ms. Tanyawa U. Sallie
Azaria Sanders
Ms. Janet Sanders
Mr. Kenneth L. Sanders
Miss Kristen C. Sanders
Ms. Mekeshia L. Sanders
Regina D. Sanders
Toni Sanders
Sharon K. Sandlin
Ms. Tina M. Sandoval
Michael Sarwar
Patricia A. Saulsberry
Ms. WaKaia Saulsberry
Ms. Peggy J. Savage
Ms. Caniqua Scales
Dr. Nichole Scarboro
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schaffzin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Schmidt
Mr. Richard A. Schnatterly
Mr. Brian Schneider
Mrs. Debra Schroeder
Mrs. Samantha Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schwartz
Ms. Linda K. Schwend
Ms. Darlene R. Scoggins
Mr. Brent Scott
Ms. Brittney D. Scott
Ms. Janet L. Scott
Ms. Rebecca A. Scott
Mr. Rowlett Scott
Ms. Shakeisa S. Scott
Tracy L. Scott
Ms. Marie A. Scruggs
Ms. Amanda N. Sebring
Dr. Azra M. Sehic
Brandon D. Seiferth
Gloria D. Self
Ms. Megan Self
Cheryl D. Selmon
Rev. Donald Sensing
Ms. Tina T. Seward
Ms. Kathryn E. Sexton
Ann M. Seymour
Michael Shackelford
Ms. Minaxi N. Shah
Mr. Mansoor Shahid
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Shanker
Audrey P. Shanklin
Ms. Kimberly Sharp
Antoinette Shaw
Jamie L. Shaw
Ms. Kashanna R. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Antony Sheehan
Dr. and Mrs. Brixey R. Shelton
Rev. James Shelton
Korea M. Shelton
Amanda Sheppard
Ms. Keisha Sheppard
Ms. Tiffany M. Sherrill
Ms. Joyce A. Shoffner
Laura Shook
Showboat Barbecue
Ms. Pamela Shreve
Mr. Bill J. Shrewsbury
Ms. Charlotte M. Sides
Jutta Siebert
Ms. Patricia A. Silas
Ms. Amy D. Siler
Ms. Linda D. Simmons
Ms. Patricia Simmons
Ms. Elizabeth A. Simonian
Jerri Simpson
Wendy Simpson
Amy D. Sims
Laura W. Sims
Ms. Tameka L. Sims
Ms. Upasana Singh
Ms. Carol A. Singleton
Isasha D. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Skyles
Mr. John Slavick
Ms. Christine Smaili
Ms. Cathy D. Smith
Christina Smith
Ms. Dana Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith, Jr.
Ms. Donna Smith
Ginger A. Smith
Iesha T. Smith
Ms. Jacquelyn D. Smith
Jaime M. Smith
Mr. Jerry H. Smith III
Ms. Karen K. Smith
Ms. Kimberly R. Smith
Mr. Mark Smith
Martha J. Smith
Ms. Mary Smith
Melvin L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Smith
Ms. Soundra E. Smith
Susie M. Smith
Venita L. Smith
Vickie C. Smith
Ms. Wanda L. Miller
Mr. Michael W. Solimine
Dr. and Mrs. Milo Solomito
Sherry Somers
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Somogyi
Mr. Theodore Sones
Sherry D. Spano
Albert L. Spears
Ms. Elizabeth Spencer
Ms. Valerie Sproll
Laurie A. Stachowski
Ms. Shelly L. Stackhouse
Staff Line, LLC
Ms. Stacey Stanfill
Ms. Mozell Starks
Ms. Jessica L. Twisdale
Ms. Lisa S. Stauber
Ms. Mary A. Stavropoulos
Ms. Mary B. Stavropoulos
Ruby C. Steed
Miss Karon L. Steen
Ms. Dianna Steiger
Mrs. Sarah Stein
Ms. Toni B. Stephens
Mr. Konrad Stepniakowski
Mrs. Ann D. Stevens
Ms. Sherri A. Stevens
Ms. Linda F. Stevenson
Ms. Shirley J. Stevenson
Ms. Deloys Steward
Mr. Craig A. Stewart
Sun Shine Stewart
Ms. Haley M. Stewart
Ms. Susan B. Stewart
Mr. Stephen V. Stokely
Ms. Ethel Stokes
Ms. Jovita L. Stone
Mr. Mark Story
Ms. Rita J. Strachan
Mrs. Leigh Ann Stradford
Dr. Nicole Stranch
Mr. Timothy Strange
Ms. Harriet Strasberg
Jeanette R. Strickland
Ms. Carolyn J. Strong
Leslie A. Stroud
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sturdivant
Ms. Brenda K. Sturges
Ms. Mary L. Sullender
Mrs. Freda M. Sullivan
Ms. Linda Sweeney
Melissa L. Swering
Ms. Denise Swift
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Swinney
Dr. Arnold R. Tag
George Taku
Chiffon E. Tapplin
Shelly L. Tartera
Ms. Elaine Tate
Ms. Kimberly Tate
Ms. Aurelia Y. Taylor
Mr. Ben A. Taylor
Mr. Boyce Taylor Jr.
Ms. Carolyn Taylor
Ms. Charlotte H. Taylor
Ms. Diane B. Taylor
Dr. Eddie L. Taylor
Ms. Erica Taylor
Ms. Gail A. Taylor
Ms. Janet M. Taylor
Ms. Kaylin T. Taylor
Kemetria Taylor
Ms. Marissa Taylor
Quentila Taylor
Mr. Rickey D. Taylor
Mr. Ronald E. Taylor
Ms. Sandra D. Taylor
Umeki C. Taylor
Brenda Temples
Ms. Jennifer D. Templeton
Mr. Eric Terpstra
Ms. Robin P. Terry, DDS
Ms. Ashonta Tharps
Patricia Theriault
Fatimata Abou Thiam
Chelsea A. Thomas
Ms. Julie L. Thomas
Mr. Justin W. Thomas
Mrs. Lynn A. Thomas
Ms. Melva Thomas
Nicole Thomas
Ms. Percynthia D. Thomas
Ms. Towanda Thomas
Mrs. Wendy Thomas
Ms. Brenda Thompkins
Joseph R. Thompson
Sara Thompson
Ms. Sara S. Thompson
Tiffany Thompson
Anne S. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Thorpe
Ms. Marchelle Thorpe
Ms. Mary Thurman
Dr. Gang Tian
Dr. Gary Tian
Fannie M. Tillery
Mariah Tillery
Ms. Bridgette Tinnon
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Tipton
Ms. Safiya S. Tisdell
Mr. Thomas Tita-Nwa
Tiffany M. Todd
Larry Tolbert
Gary W. Tolley
Ms. Bonnie Tolston
Ms. Lucinda R. Tomlinson
Ms. Martha Tong
Mr. Charles E. Torian, Jr.
Jeannette L. Townsend
Ms. Tanisha V. Townsend
Laurie Townsley
Mrs. Lan Tran
Ms. Mary Treglown
Ms. Gloria D. Triblett
Trinity United Methodist Church
Mrs. Deborah B. Trobaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Troughton
Ms. Elissa J. Troutman
Ms. Sherry Trumble
Jacquelin F. Tucker
Paula & Jack Tucker
Ms. Salina Turley
Latonia Turner
Mr. Ronald P. Turner
Ms. Sandra A. Turner
Mrs. Ruth S. Tutor
Suzette Twilley
Ms. Gina T. Tyra
Ms. Connie Tyus
Lisa C. Underwood-Vescovo
United Methodist Women
United Methodist Womens Circle
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck K. Utterback
Ms. Catherine Valenzuela Ecdao
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Van Alstine
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Van Netta
Ms. Janie Vanderford
Mrs. Mary K. VanGieson
Vanick Group, LLC
Carolyn L. Vaughan
Tandy Vaughn
Ms. Kanisha Vaughn Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Velazquez, Ph.D
Ms. Anita Vincent
Ms. Kandice Vincent
Ms. Lauren Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Vining
Mr. J. Michael Vinson
Mr. Michael A. Vitch
Mr. James K. Volner
Ms. Denise Waddell
Lina Wade
Ms. Patricia Wade
Ms. Tammie D. Wade
Janice M. Wadlington
Ms. Joni M. Walker
Ms. Meghan T. Walker
Ms. Nicole M. Hamlett
Dr. and Mrs. Hershel P. Wall
Ms. Sherry Wallace
Ms. Diane K. Walton
Mel Walton
Ms. Anita Ward
Ms. Shenna D. Ward
Ms. Sue Ann Ward
Julia Ware
Ms. Juanita Warren
Onetha A. Warren
Ms. Patricia Warren
Tera L. Watkins
Mr. Keith A. Watson
Mr. Wendell H. Watson
Mike A. Watts
Mr. Mike A. Watts
Mr. Jason K. Weatherly
Dr. Mark W. Weatherly
Mr. James M. Weatherspoon
Ms. Latricia Weaver
Dr. Philip Weber
Mr. Jeremy C. Webster
Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Weems
Dr. Mitchell J. Weiss
Mr. Buckner Wellford and Ms. Jennifer Sink
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron J. Welton
Mrs. Hillary Welton
Shuree A. Wentworth
Dr. Angel Wesley
Ms. Doris L. Wesley
Ms. Gwendolyn Wesley
Cynthia K. West
Ms. Connie L. Westbrook
Ms. Sonya L. Weston
Dr. Ben Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitaker
Catherine M. White
Ms. Darnetha White
Georgia M. White
Mrs. Jodie L. White
Ms. Patricia A. White
Sharon White
Ms. Calandra R. Whitehead
Katherine Whitfield
Shelia Whitlock-Patterson
Ms. Crystal T. Whitlow
Dr. Allison Whittle
Mrs. Kathryn B. Wiggs
Mr. Dandridge Wilborn
Mr. Terry Wildmon
Dr. Ben Wilkerson
Ms. Tina Wilkins
Ms. Barbara T. Williams
Mrs. David G. Williams, Sr.
Ms. Carolyn B. Williams
Mr. Charles A. Williams
Dana Williams
Ms. Debra B. Williams
Ms. Dorothy L. Williams
Ms. Ikema Y. Williams
J. B. Williams, Jr.
Ms. Jacqueline Williams
Ms. Janice F. Williams
Ms. Janine Williams
Kathryn A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Williams
Mr. Kerry Williams
Leslie A. Williams
Mr. Michael A. Williams
Mr. Michael M. Williams
Ms. Minnie R. Williams
Natasha Williams
Octavia Williams
Mr. Randy E. Williams
Ms. Shannon Williams
Mrs. Stefanie B. Williams
Mr. Steve Williams
Ms. Terri Williams
Ms. Tonya L. Williams
Zina Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Williamson
Ms. Julie Williamson
Bobbie M. Willis
Ms. Ruby L. Willoughby
Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Wills
Christie Willumsen
Mr. Andrew C. Wilson
Bridgett N. Wilson
Dominique Wilson
Ms. Kimbley Wilson
Ms. Latita D. Wilson
Ms. Penny S. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Q. Wilson
Sherry L. Wilson
Ms. Suzanne S. Wilson
Wrenetha Wilson
Mrs. Patricia G. Winburne
Ms. Lelia S. Winfield
Ms. Angela H. Wingfield
Ms. Constance L. Winston
Rev. Kent Wise
Steve and Eileen Wishnia
Ms. Kristin B. Wofford
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wohrman
Kim Wolfe
Ms. Pamela D. Wolfe
Mr. Steven L. Wolfe
Ms. Catherine L. Wood
Ms. Maria Wood
Sandra A. Woodard
Mrs. Arclethia F. Woodland
Ms. Tammy R. Woodley
Mr. Leon E. Woodruff
Dominicka T. Woods
Ms. Jeanette Woods
Randy L. Woods
Jennifer Woodward
Mr. Charles L. Woody
Ms. Judy Wormser
Dr. George F. Wortham
Carmen N. Wright
Ms. Kathy S. Wright
Mr. Lemuel L. Wright, Jr.
Shalonda V. Wright
Ms. Shatonya Wright
Ms. Teresa R. Wright
Ms. Naisha J. Wynder
Ms. Jessica B. Yarbrough
Ms. Meagan M. Yates
Rashad M. Yates
Mrs. Anita G. Young
Antell D. Young
Gerri G. Young
Ms. Herquache Young
Ms. Jennifer F. Young
Leslie Young
Ms. Melissa Young
Dr. Fereshteh Zare and Dr. Vida Zare
Tania R. Zayid
Efrem E. Zecharias
Ms. Marguerite M. Zeller
Mr. Robert Zinser
Ms. Denice Zornow
1 Source
Mrs. Diane Abernathy
Mr. Steve L. Abramowitz
Mrs. Terri L. Adams
Catherine Akin
Mr. Byron L. Aldridge
Verna N. Alexander
Ms. Mary L. Allen
Patricia R. Allen
Ms. Stephanie B. Alvarado
Ms. Bernice C. Anderson
Esther C. Anderson
Laura Anderson
Ms. Pauline Anderson
Mrs. Johanna Ankkuri-Fagan
Ms. Monica S. Arndt
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Arth
Mr. Vincent B. Askew
Keatris C. Austin
Ms. Aline P. Averyhart
Mr. and Mrs. David Baker
Ms. Carolyn Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Barber
Ms. Ashley Barganier
Ms. Jeannine Barganier
Mr. John Barger
Ms. Ashley Barker
Mr. George Barnes
Ashley D. Barr
Ms. Janine Barstow
Mr. Mevludin Basic
Ms. Jill D. Baumgardner
Mrs. Guzel Bayazitova
Ms. Bessie L. Beard
Mark Beasley
Mr. Marcus Beason
Ms. Celia Beckworth
Mr. Russell S. Belisle
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Belk
Katye Benedetti
Mr. James Bernadini
Ms. Carolyn R. Bethany
Ms. Jennifer Bishop
Ms. Kristin N. Blackard
Candy L. Blake
Mr. Scott Blankenship
Ms. Chronda Blocker
Mr. and Mrs. Denis and Lourdes Bonderud
Ms. Andrea Booker
Susan Bourgeois
Ms. Annie Bowdre
Ms. Cherico M. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Brabyn
Ms. Barbara Branch
Mr. Clay Brewer
Mandi R. Bridges
Mr. Joseph B. Brigance
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brinkley
Jamie L. Brinkley
Joann Brock
Ms. Elaine R. Brooks
Mr. and Dr. Andre Brooks
Sheyla Brooks
Angela L. Browley
Allan Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David Brown
Ms. Elizabeth B. Brown
Ms. Kearsha L. Brown
Lori C. Brown Ms.
Ms. Stacy C. Brown
Tracye Brown
Ms. Tracye Brown Burgess
Lamar Bryson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Buchalter
Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Bunch
Glenda A. Bunn
Laquandra T. Burchett
Mr. Joseph C. Burford
Jacquelyn Burnette
Debra Burns
Mr. Claude F. Burroughs
Ms. Shirley A. Burton
Mrs. Britney N. Byars
Carlo M. Caccamisi
Ms. Janet B. Callicott
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Callicott
Ms. Renee C. Campbell
Mrs. Debra L. Capps
Mr. Charles Carter
Ms. Diana D. Carter
Ms. Melanie K. Carter
Michelle Carter
Ms. Tamara A. Carter
Mrs. Joan M. Cary
Rhonda D. Castleman
Catherine Harris Interiors & Antiques
Ms. Tequita D. Chaffen
Mr. Jamison D. Chandler
Mrs. Ginger Chapman
Ms. Doris Chism
Mr. and Ms. Daniel Claney
Ms. Cassandra D. Clariett
Mr. and Mrs. Leon L. Clark
Mrs. Renee P. Clark
Ms. Vicki Climer
Ms. Posey Cochrane
Mr. Kirk A. Coffman
Ms. Denise Cole
Robin L. Cole
Ms. Lakeisha D. Cooper
Rickie L. Cornell
Ms. Candice Corum
Ms. Dorothy Coscia
Pamela J. Craig
Ms. Shantelle P. Craig
Mr. James W. Crawford
Mr. William B. Crawford
Dana Crenshaw
Ms. Tracy Crenshaw
Lt. and Mrs. Richard J. Cribbis
Ms. Bernice Crook
Ms. Cassidy L. Cruse
Ms. Colee E. Cunningham
Ms. Martha A. Curry
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Daly
Ms. April P. Dandridge
Mr. Thomas Daniel
Ms. Yolanda D. Daniel
John R. Darby
Datamation Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth A. David
Ms. Dorothy Davis
Mike and Jan Davis
Ms. Kathryn Davis
Ms. Lenora Davis
Otha D. Davis
Mr. Samuel R. Davis
Ms. Priscilla Dean
Sharonda Dean
Mr. Terry Deibler
Kathleen Deng
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Depperschmidt
Mary B. Dickson
Ms. Jeanne E. Distretti
Ms. Rebekah Doe
Ms. Diana Dolle
Ms. Elizabeth A. Donahoe
Mr. Jim O. Donaldson
Ms. Michelle N. Douglas
Mr. Steven Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Dover
Ms. Melissa Doyle
Mrs. Tina R. Dunlap
Mr. Chuck Dunn
Ms. Ruby Dunn
Yen Duong
Tracie Easterwood
Ms. Yvonne M. Eavenson
Ms. Vicki Echols
Mr. Steven Edmonds
Donna Bounds - Edwards
Mr. Leon K. Edwards
Ms. Linda K. Edwards
Edith M. Elder
Freda O. Elevado
Ms. Susan V. Erdman
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Erskine
Ms. Lauren Evans
Mrs. Melissa Evans
Ms. Meltonia R. Evans
Ms. Dorothy C. Ewing
Ms. Mary C. Faris
Mrs. Lynne B. Feathers
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ferguson
Mr. L. Wayne Ferguson
Ms. Monika Ferguson
Dr. Lloyd Finks
Mrs. Lara A. Firrone
Gregory Fleming
Rev. John Fleming
Shelia R. Fleming
Dr. George S. Flinn, Jr.
Eilene Florendo
Mr. and Mrs. Merle B. Fondren
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Forrester
Ms. Gina G. Fortune
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Foster
Ms. Leslie Frans
Ms. Joyce A. Freeland
Demarcus D. Gant
Barry T. Garrett
Ms. Marshelle Garrison
Mrs. Jeannine M. Gaudet
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gauthier
Georgian Hills Baptist Church
Germantown Plantation Retirement Community
Ms. Asia Gibson
Rev. Rhonda Gilligan-Gillespie
Joyce L. Gloff
Pamela J. Glover
Phillip Glover
Mrs. Beth Glowacki
Mrs. Sarianne Goforth
Mrs. Ann P. Goin
Sarah Golden
Ulises and Tiffany Gonzalez
Mrs. Cynthia Goodiwn
Ms. Nicole Gottier
Ms. Christy Graham
Mr. Windel D. Granberry
Ms. Jacqueline D. Granger
Ms. Denise Graves
Ms. Christine L. Gray
Mr. James Grayson
Toni Graziosi
Great Lakes Eye Care
Ms. Judith L. Green
Heather Greene
Ms. Magean Griffin
Jason Griggs
Mary Lou Guinle
Ms. Shandrian Guinn
Ms. Paula E. Gunter
Ms. Shirley A. Guy
Ms. Amy L. Guynn
Paul and Jennifer Hagerman
Mrs. Tigist Haile
Mr. Edward W. Hankins
Mrs. Laura Hannaford
Ms. Latonya D. Hardin
Mr. Mark Harding
Mrs. Linda Harrington
Paul Harris
Ms. Sarah Harris
Annie Harrison
Ms. Shirley M. Hart
Ms. Linda F. Harvey
Amber B. Hataway
Ms. Jenice D. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hawks
Ms. Betty J. Hayes
Ms. Rosie L. Hayes
Charleye-Dwontz N. Hayes-Tate
Ms. Brittany Haynes
Mrs. Margaret P. Haynes
East AR Family Health
Mr. James L. Henderson
Patricia Henderson
Mr. Ulysses G. Henderson
Ms. Jeannie A. Hendrix
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Henson
Mrs. Mattie L. Herrell
Mr. Matthew Hiel
Mr. Adam Hill
Mr. Joe Hill
Terry and Evalie Hill
Ms. Sandra Holmes
Ms. Susan D. Holtwick
Mr. Paul Hopkins
Ms. Laurie Howell
Mary E. Huebner
Ms. Amber M. Huett
Ms. Sandra A. Hugan
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hughes
Stephanie M. Hullom
Human Resources Sunshine
Douglas Hummel
Ms. Carlene Hunt
Carlene M. Hunt
Jodi L. Hunter
Ms. Joyce Hunter
Ms. Dana R. Hurdle
Ms. Farra Hych
Ms. Mary E. Hyman
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Ingram
Ms. Mary A. Irby
Ms. Leslie Irion
Ms. Sonya L. Ivy
Asia Jackson
Ms. Gwendolyn B. Jackson
Ms. Hazel N. Jackson
Mr. Mazree Jackson
Ms. Susan James
Nicole S. Jeans
Sandra J. Jefferson
Flora B. Jenkins
Ms. Ia V. Jenkins
Ms. Melissa J. Jenkins
Ms. Renada Jenkins
Kalen A. Joe
Debra L. Johnson
Ms. Denise K. Johnson
Ms. Edna J. Johnson
Mary Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Johnson
Ms. Queen E. Johnson
Ms. Sierra D. Johnson
Mrs. Stephanie Johnson, RN
Teresa Johnson
Ms. Carla Johnson Pinkins
Anna L. Jones
Mr. Carl M. Jones
Julia A. Jones
Marshall Jones
Ms. Nancy M. Jones
Ms. Velma L. Jones
Ms. Marsha R. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Jordan
Ms. Christy Kelley
Vickie R. Kelley
La-Kenya N. Kellum
Ms. Tina M. Kelly
Ms. Kathy D. Kelso
Miss Jennifer Kettler
Ms. Kathleen M. Kight
Kimbrough Woods Racquet and Swim Club
Ms. Dinett King
Ms. Maria King
Ms. Sharon R. King
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Klinke
Mr. Robert Koch
Ms. Kaesha Koons
Mrs. Sandy Kuharsky
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lammers
Shirley A. Land
Mr. Phillip Landry
Ms. Kristi Lanham
Ms. Jacqueline Lanier
Ms. Buck Lashunda
Ms. Elaine M. Latiolais
Ann D. Lauderdale
Ms. Rosemary Lauderdale
Mr. and Mrs. Len F. Lawhon
Mr. Paul Lawler
Mr. Demetra Lawrence
Ms. Nora A. Lawrence
Sharon T Leasure
Ms. Amanda Lee
Legacy Wealth Management
Bonnie V. Legg
Rachel Lepchitz
Evan B. Lester
Antoinette J. Lever
Mrs. Heather Levesque
Angelia G. Lewelling
Deitra Lewis
Mr. Jonathan Lewis
Vera Lewis
Mr. Carl Limbaugh
Ms. Sheila L. Lincoln
Carla M. Linn
Mrs. Dianne Llanes
Treva London
Ms. Joy A. Longest
Judith C. Looney
Ms. Angela Lottie
Phyllis B. Love
Ms. Teresa T. Luckett
Ms. Amy Lufcy
Ms. Sonya L. Lynn
Ms. Anita Lyons
Ms. Heather Lyons
Ms. Darlene S. Mabry
Rachel M. Macagni
Ms. Debra Macklin
Ms. Barbara Maddux
Dr. Benedict Maliakkal
Ms. Nora J. Manser
Alex L. Manuel
Dr. Razvan N. Marinescu
Cheryl Anita Marshall
Mr. Marvin D. Matthews
Ms. Peggy D. Max
Ms. Marie A. Maxey
Mrs. Ashley McAllister
Mr. Bertrum McClarine
Shannon M. McClasky
Joyce J. McClure
Ms. Jeanette I. McCommon
Mrs. Cynthia McCraw
Ms. Michelle McDivitt
Ms. Karen B. McGee
Ms. Rosetta McGhee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. McIntyre
Mr. Marcus T. McKee
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. McLearen
Dominic R. McLendon
Mr. John D. McMahan
Ms. Leah N. McQuilliams
Mr. Cornelius McVay
Carla G. Mercer
Mr. George A. Merritt
Ms. Lawanda Merriweather
Nellann and John Mettee
Ms. Linda T. Metts
Ms. Janice Micklos
Ms. Carole Miller
Elaine Miller
Ms. Katherine E. Miller
Ms. Nancy A. Miller
Ms. Rebecca Millican
Ms. Charlene S. Milton
Lottie L. Minor
Mrs. Teresa M. Mitchell
Ms. Valerie Mitchell
Khadijat B. Momoh
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Monson
Janice R. Montgomery
Mr. John Moore
Kinyatta C. Moore
Starlina C. Moore
Ms. Traneal Moore
Gregory L. Morris
Ms. Mary A. Muncy
Dr. Bangalore Muniraju
Mrs. Jessica Murphy
Ronda F. Murphy
Marcia Murray
Carl A. Murrell
Ms. Deborah Myers
Mr. Larry H. Nance
Mr. Ron Nance
Mr. Ramesh Narsapuram
Annette Nash
Mr. John Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nenon
Ms. Renesha L. Nevels
Mrs. Sharis M. Newman
Ms. Pheadra M. Newson-Ruffin
Ms. Milkah Ngandu
Genia Nipp
Carolyn G. Nunnelee
Ms. Melissa Obrien
Mr. John H. Ofenloch
Erma M. Oliver
Mr. Elvin L. O'Neal
Ms. Maureen B. Orians
Rev. Bartholomew Orr
Gertrude L. Osborne
Mr. Robert L. Owens III
Mrs. Sarah E. Owens
Margarita Paes Soto
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Palmer
Dwana M. Parker
Mr. Gregory Parker
Ms. Teresa Parks
Mr. Travis L. Parson
Ms. Sharon A. Patrick
Mrs. Jamie Patterson
Jerry L. Patterson
Ms. Linda H. Payne
Ms. Milissa B. Payne
Joann Pearrow
Ms. Clara M. Peden
Mrs. Markesa Peete
Pendergrast Insurance Co.
Ms. Candace L. Peppers
Mr. Ronald Perritt
Teresa L. Peterson
Ms. Melissa G. Petty
Mr. John L. Phillips
Ms. Linda L. Phillips
Ms. Tara R. Phillips
Pamela Pitsos
Dwan Pittman
Twyla M. Pittman
Ms. Gina Plass
Mrs. Jane Plunket
Ms. Sharon Poindexter
Mrs. Nicole Pomeroy
Tonya Porter
Drs. David Portnoy and Lisa Usdan
Robert M. Potter
Yolanda Powell
Ms. Donna L. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Price
Mr. Timothy Price
Ms. Toya B. Pride
Mr. Orus C. Puckett
Mr. Gregorio Quinan Jr.
Mr. Brian Rabb
Julie and Jim Raines
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Rainey
Ms. Cheryl K. Rankin
Ms. Shanna Rankin
Ms. Rachel A. Ranzinger
Maurice Reed
Melony Remel
Mrs. Rebecca Rhodes
Mr. Jeffrey Rice
Ms. Latasha J. Richards
Johnnie Richardson
Ms. Sharon Richardson
Ms. Wanda G. Ringo
Mr. Arthur Roberts
Ms. Barbara C. Robilio
Ms. Dorisa Robinson
Ms. Sheila D. Robinson
Juanita Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. King W. Rogers III
Dr. and Mrs. Norberto N. Rojas
Ms. Cynthia F. Roseberry
Margaret Roy-Lewis
Lavita R. Ruffin
Melanie S. Russell
Ms. Rita A. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rutledge
Ms. Klaudiya Savchenko
Mrs. Nancy Sawyer
Andi J. Schadrack
Ms. Keitha L. Scott
Kimberly S. Scott
Mr. Phillip T. Scott
Dr. Fatih Sen
Miss Krista Shackelford
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Shapiro
Ms. Susan H. Sharp
Mr. Miles M. Shatzer
Ms. Joyce E. Shaw
Mr. William M. Shaw
Ms. Melony Shelton
Ms. Lynne E. Sherer
Bill & Dianne Simmons
Christopher Simmons
Ms. Grace S. Simmons
Melandy V. Simmons
Ms. Pamela J. Simmons
Ms. Sonia L. Simmons
Valerie A. Simmons
Patti G. Sims
Marcella L. Skipper
Ms. Heather Sluder
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Slusher
Mrs. Alisha M. Smith
Dana Smith
Ms. Eve C. Smith
Ms. Jessica Smith
Ms. Latasha F. Smith
Ms. Mary B. Smith
Michael A. Smith Jr.
Ms. Paula Pugh
Mr. Rickey Smith
Taniecia Smith
Snowden Grove Homeowners Association
Mrs. Leighanne Hart Soden
James A. Southwick
Ms. Victoria M. Spearman
Ms. Mary W. Stacy
Mr. Michael Stanley
Ms. Paula M. Sternberger
Lisa D. Stevens
Ms. Chelcy Stevenson
Cynthia A. Steward
Ms. Annie L. Stewart
Denise Stewart
Ms. Julie N. Stewart
Ms. Samantha V. Stewart
Mr. Michael E. Stoll
Ms. C. Sara Strong
Ms. Tonga L. Strong
Ms. Reta V. Sudberry
Mr. Kenneth G. Sullivan
Ms. Alice Suttle
Ms. Amanda Swansiger
Ms. Vickie Swift
Mr. Keith Tackeberry
Ms. Allene T. Tallie-Tate
Ms. Cynthia J. Tankersley
Karicha Tate
Ms. Debra A. Taylor
Ms. Dorothy L. Taylor
Ms. Becky C. Taylor - Curley
Ms. Danna Tellis
Ms. Donna D. Thomas
Linda Thomas
Nancy L. Thomas
Ms. Aline C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Thompson
Mr. Patrick A. Thornburg
Mr. Andrew M. Tims
Ms. Zelda Tinnon
Mark A. Tittle
Mrs. Cindy P. Todd
Ms. Lisa Todd Hiatt
Ms. Margaret H. Toles
Ms. Shannon Treese
Ms. Sybil L. Troxel
Ms. Doretha C. Truitt
Donna Tubbs
Dr. Rodney Tubbs
Ms. Lavetty Tucker
Mrs. Linda Tullos
Ms. Bridget C. Turner
Ms. Crystal D. Turner
Ms. Elesia C. Turner
Ms. Judy S. Turner
Rhonda Turri
Ms. Christina M. Underhill
David and Carrie Vaughan
Mr. Steven W. Vaughn
Mrs. Ellen Vautrot
Ms. Stacy J. Vickers
Ms. Jennifer Villano
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walczyk
Mr. Charles L. Walker Jr.
Mr. Leon Walker
Ms. Lilly C. Wallis
Ms. Eleanor P. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. E. Tyler Warfields
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Warnock
Mrs. Angela O. Warren
Ms. Victoria R. Warren
Faye Washington
Ms. Belinda Watkins
Elisha Watkins
Ms. Hope E. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Webb
Sharon Webb-Clearman
Ms. Tracy L. Webber
Mr. Edward Wei
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Welch
Mr. Abner W. Wells
Deborah M. Wentworth
Ms. Carol R. Wesley
West Fayette Fire Department
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Westbrook
Shannon D. Westmoreland
Ms. Debi L. Wherry
Shantisha Wherry
Ms. Brenda C. White
Ms. Carolyn D. White
Mrs. Ethel M. White
Mrs. Rosemari L. White
Mr. Stephen D. White
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Whitlock
Ms. Christy A. Wilbanks
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wilder, Jr.
Tanneice Wilkins
Mr. Brandon B. Williams
Ms. Carolyn W. Williams
Ms. Cortina Williams
Mrs. Helen L. Williams
Ms. Kimberly P. Williams
Ms. Lisa L. Williams
Lorna L. Williams
Ms. Tajauna Y. Williams
Ms. Tanya S. Williams
Ms. Vontina M. Williams
Melanie R. Williams Ellis
Mr. Andre Wilson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Wilson
Ms. Jeanne Wilson
Ms. Marta Wilson
Angela M. Winfield
Janet Winfield
Mrs. Donna A. Winfrey
Winn's Baptist Church
Ms. Teresa K. Winter
Dr. Edward Wise
Ms. Pamela D. Wiseman
Dr. Catherine R. Womack
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wood
Ms. Pattie Woods
Mr. George W. Wren
Angela Wright
Ms. Barbara M. Wright
Ms. Elizabeth Wunderlich
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Yarbro
Ms. Jennifer Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Yeates
Mr. Alan Yoakum
Rickey Young
Mr. Bobby Zinser
P = Planned Gift
 * = Deceased
+ = In Kind Gift

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