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Hospice Residence

Thanks to developer Walter Wills and other generous donors, six beautifully wooded acres on Quince Road between Messick and Kirby has become a place like home for many. The Methodist Hospice Residence began receiving patients in July 2011 and features 30 patient rooms, a conference room, chapel, family gathering area and a kitchen for families. Each patient room offers comfortable surroundings to enable patients and families to feel more at ease. Pets, personal mementos, photos, music and all the comforts of home are encouraged to make each room feel as close to home as possible. Specialized equipment allows a number of the rooms to be converted to care for infants and children.

"The residence allows us to continue providing patient- and family-centered care in a loving, supportive and home-like environment," said Mitch Graves, president, Methodist Affiliated Services. "It offers our patients and their families the very best of faith, health and compassion during a very special time in their lives."

One of the most unique features of the new Hospice Residence is the courtyard's gardens and pathways. The facility is surrounded by gardens so patients are able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. In recognition of the singular beauty of the residence's gardens and to support the work of the Hospice Residence, Methodist Healthcare Foundation established the Life Angel gift program. The program allows donors to be part of the creation of the paths and gardens at the residence. Life Angels are recognized on the tree of life, a permanent piece of artwork in the courtyard, displaying their names on beautiful iron leaves.

Kristyn Gresham knew the Life Angel program was the perfect way for her family to remember her brother Kirk, who passed away in November 2007 after a long and courageous battle with chordoma cancer. "Kirk was a world-renowned floral designer and horticulturalist. He loved bringing beauty into people’s lives," said Kristyn. "Kirk and our entire family received truly wonderful care from Methodist and the hospice team during his illness. When we heard about the gardens, and the Life Angel program, we knew we wanted to be involved."

"The feelings and emotions that natural beauty is able to form and evoke from people are hard to describe, but Kirk understood it completely. It is very comforting to know that Kirk will continue bringing beauty to the world, and making people smile through the gardens at the Hospice Residence."  To learn more about how you can become a Life Angel, click here.

Below are images of the Methodist Hospice Residence (click to see larger versions).