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Camp Provides Kids with Essentials for School and for Life

Donna Abney with childrenThis summer, Oak Grove Baptist Church was teeming with young campers, Methodist Associates and volunteers from the health, fire and safety fields during its Camp Riverview Alive. And it was all thanks to caring people like you.

Methodist Associates raised money to provide summer campers with school uniforms, tennis shoes, backpacks and school supplies while volunteers provided health screenings and advice on topics to keep kids safe and get them back to school ready to learn. 150 backpacks and three uniforms per child were distributed during the camp to children in need.

The camp was part of a greater commitment to improve the health and healthcare practices in the Riverview community in South Memphis where Oak Grove Baptist Church is located. Methodist knows it takes patience—and partners—to accomplish this work, and that it requires focusing on one person, one ailment, one obstacle at a time.

“There is great need among my congregation and community members. I appreciate that Methodist is listening to us and seeing the church as the great asset it is. Together, we can take an active stance to improve conditions here,” said Reverend James E. Kendrick, pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church.

While at camp, the campers were also introduced to “Healthy Me” awards, an initiative to help them take responsibility for their health by making healthier choices.

“It’s imperative that our children learn that being healthy is something they have to own and take responsibility for themselves,” says Joy Sharp, Community Health Navigator. “We can give them the tools, but good health is something that each child has to want. The awards were a fun way to recognize good health habits and reward healthy habits in a society that often surrounds children with unhealthy choices.”

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