Your Room

All patient rooms are private, and most have room for a family member to spend the night. Please let us know if we can make you more comfortable.

Room Features

Bed Controls Side rail of bed
Cleaning The staff can provide clean towels, change your sheets and make your bed. Your room will be cleaned daily. Let us know if anything in the room isn’t working.
Food and Dining

Food Services will take your order three times a day and bring breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Family members are welcome to bring in food and drinks, but please be respectful of the patient’s dietary needs and restrictions. Ask a nurse if you’re not sure what these are.

Please also note that many patients are sensitive to the smell of certain foods. We encourage you to use the cafeteria seating when eating meals. Check your hospital’s page for cafeteria hours.

Nurse Call

Use the bed control to contact the nurse. This will send you to a unit coordinator, who will route your request.

Most patients are visited hourly by a nurse or medical assistant, except when you’re asleep. Ask your nurse if you can expect a visit every hour.

Dial “9” to get an outside line. Dial “0” to reach a hospital operator for help with any services or to be transferred to a long distance carrier. Long distance calls may not be charged to the room.

Cell phones may be used in the hospital. Please be mindful of others.

A Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) is available for patients and parents who are hearing impaired.
White Boards Lists contact names and phone numbers for your healthcare team and information about your health goals and plans. You can list your questions for the team on the board.