Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare opens new offices at Crosstown Concourse

Posted on: August 15, 2017

MU-CrosstownOn August 15 Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Associates and system leaders gathered on the sixth floor of the Crosstown Concourse building - formerly the Sears Roebuck and Co distribution center, to fulfill a ribbon cutting for its new space. The gathering crowd’s sound of excitement echoed in the tall cavernous building as the anticipation mounted for the offices’ official opening.

Michael Ugwueke, President and CEO of MLH welcomed Associates to the new space and shared why it was so important for MLH to be a part of the revitalization of the Crosstown neighborhood. Since plans to restore the building were announced, Methodist leaders recognized the importance of being part of the project and helping foster community growth.

“This building has been a part of the Crosstown neighborhood for almost 90 years, however for more than 20 years it has been vacant,” said Ugwueke. “Now, it is back open for business and we are proud to be part of the revitalization of not only the building itself, but also the community. We are happy to be part of the positive change.”

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare houses approximately 500 Associates in the Crosstown Concourse office space which include departments of Central Business Office, Centralized Scheduling, Centralized Services, Corporate Facilities Management, Patient Financial Services, Physician Alignment Central Billing, Revenue Assurance Professionals, Shared Services and Supply Chain.

Richard Kelley, Vice President of Corporate Facilities Management said his team has enjoyed sharing a space with other MLH departments. “The teams all say that they love Crosstown! There is a real sense of community not only within the entire campus but more so internally among our Associates and different departments,” Kelley said.

Echoing those sentiments, Larry Fogarty, Vice President of Supply Chain and Materials Management said the MLH Associates love being a part of the Crosstown neighborhood and the ever evolving Medical District. He said it is a delight to be part of such a vibrant, important and historic development in Memphis.

Having different MLH departments together in one location has been a positive change according to Jessica Murphy, Sr. Director of Revenue Cycle and Patient Financial Services. “I’ve described it as a ‘lifestyle change,’ it has definitely not been just moving from one office building to another. Here [Crosstown] we have a beautiful community growing right in our midst and inviting us to be part of it every day. As we arrive to go to work, we are likely to get on the elevator with a couple carrying groceries in their arms and a puppy on a leash, smiling and saying good morning as they walk to their apartment,” Jessica said. “We’ve heard our work space described as ‘Google-esque’ –another big change that has only enhanced that lifestyle change that makes Associates satisfied. We love Crosstown.”

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