Couple Honors Friend in Wedding at Methodist Hospice Residence

Terry Williams and Mary Hudspeth

Terry Williams and Mary Hudspeth

For most of us, the chapel where Mary Hudspeth chose to be married may seem a little odd. But for Hudspeth and her fiancé Terry Williams, the chapel inside the Methodist Hospice Residence was the perfect setting.

“Not everything in hospice is sad,” explained Mary. “There is a lot of happy here too.”

Mary is a Home Health Aid Supervisor for Methodist Hospice and has worked for Methodist for the past 14 years. Her best friend Bonnie Thomas, who also worked at the Residence, passed away there. Bonnie introduced Hudspeth to her husband-to-be.

“When I’m here at the Methodist Hospice Residence I feel close with Bonnie,” said Mary. “It just made sense to have our wedding in the chapel.”

Mary says she works with wonderful people. One the chaplains, Chaplain Claudia Forest married the happy couple, and her co-workers decorated the chapel with flowers. Because of Bonnie and Methodist Hospice, Mary is starting a new life.