Living Kindly Support Group

Published On 07/11/2011

Transplant Support Group

Methodist University Hospital

Jan 14
Feb 11
Mar 10
Apr 14
May 12
Jun 9
Jul 14
Aug 11
Sep 8

Oct 13

Nov 10
Dec 8

3:00 p.m. Class starts

1265 Union Ave.
Methodist University Hospital, 10th Floor Thomas Wing
Transplant Conference Room
Memphis, TN 38104

Contact: 901.516.2060 or 901.516.7599

Get the support you need with Living Kindly monthly support group for post-transplant patients, listed transplant candidates, donors, and their family and caregivers. Experts discuss a variety of subjects, such as medication side effects, living donation, financial concerns, blood donation, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute staff is on hand at each meeting to offer support and answer your questions. More important, other transplant donors and recipients are there to share their experiences and give you support.

Not a joiner? That's okay. You're welcome to attend and listen.

Tai Chi

Mondays and Thursdays
7 pm-8pm

251 Claybrook
School of Nursing 

Contact: 901.516.2060 or 901.516.7599

Learn the soothing art of Tai Chi. These classes focus on stretching, breathing, balance, and focusing on inner and outer health. These classes are the perfect way for patients to regain their strength and improve their recovery. 

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