Favor the Waiver

Lisa's Transplant Story

Lisa MillerLisa Miller received a life-saving liver transplant at the Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in 2008.  She is a passionate advocate for organ donation and access for the Memphis region.

My name is Lisa Miller. Late April of 2008, I went to work like any other day as a high school administrator. By 11:00 a.m., I was so sick that I had to be rushed to the ER. My blood work revealed that my liver enzymes were abnormally high. After several weeks of ultrasounds, blood work and a jugular biopsy, I was diagnosed with severe liver disease. My family and friends were shocked as I was always the one running 5Ks, biking and going to the gym! My health, however deteriorated very quickly.

On June 2, I was admitted to Methodist University Hospital in need of a liver transplant. I was placed on the transplant waiting list. In two weeks, I rose to the top of the list as the sickest patient in the state of Tennessee, as determined by my MELD scores (Model Endstage Liver Disease). I thought to myself, am I waiting to live or waiting to die??

I begged my doctor to let me go home to wait; I was released on June 16. On June 21, within five days, I was called with news of a possible organ match. On that very day, I got a second chance to live! Access to organ donors across the state of Tennessee saved my life! Without access to these organs, the people of the West Tennessee region in need of an organ will be waiting… to die. Please support the favor the waiver campaign to allow continued access to organs from the Eastern region of the state.

To show your support for patients like Lisa, click here and leave a comment stating that you support Methodist Healthcare's application for a waiver to maintain access to organs from across Tennessee.