Physical Examinations

Published On 07/11/2011

We offer a full range of employee Physical Exams. 

DOT Physicals

Our clinical staff complete the DOT required forms and provide the appropriate card expiration dates for rechecks (depending on the individual’s medical condition).

Fitness for Duty

Based on our knowledge of your workplace and the physical requirements of the job for which a potential employee is being considered, we can provide functional testing to examine their capabilities. This is a tool that is used in pre-employment, or an employees’ readiness to return to work after and extended illness or injury.


This is a pre-employment Physical exam that is performed to identify if there is any pre-existing condition that may be present which could affect an individuals’ ability to perform the job.

Job Placement Examinations

This type of exam helps the employer match the right job to the right person. Through physical findings, strength testing, and evaluation for repetitive injury the prospective employee is compared to the essential functions of the proposed job. This type of exam provides documentation that might reduce costs associated with re-injury and eliminate or help reduce financial liability associated with claims.

OSHA Medical Surveillance

This type of exam is designed to meet the standard specific requirements mandated by OSHA. Types of exams performed include: Respirator Medical Clearance, Asbestos, Formaldehyde, Lead, and Hazardous Waste Operations.

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