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Published On 10/01/2012

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Tips for Improved CPAP Therapy

To help improve and extend the life of your CPAP equipment:

  • Using CPAP routinely helps familiarize you with equipment and improve your health
  • Wash the mask, humidifier chamber, and tubing in warm soapy water and rinse daily. The grey filter can be washed twice a week *Remember to use Distilled Water in the humidifier
  • Check the machine and supplies for leaks or worn-out parts
  • Replace CPAP Supplies; follow the schedule below for most insurances
  • Follow up onany issues or questions with your doctor or respiratory therapist

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Every month: two (2) disposable filters, two (2) nasal pillows or cushions
  • Every three (3) months: mask and tubing
  • Every six (6) months: headgear, grey permanent filter, chin strap, humidifier chamber

Wedge Pillows

The Methodist Sleep Disorders Center recommends that you sleep with a wedge-shaped pillow to raise your upper body. The wedge pillow can correct apnea and help with gastro-esophageal reflux. CPAP pillows minimize contact between your CPAP Mask and pillow, so you have fewer leaks and can sleep on your side. 

The Sleep Center recommends that you purchase:

  • Full, upper body wedge pillow with a 25-30 degree angle
  • Knee wedge to help keep your body from sliding down the upper body wedge

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