Heart Disease Support Groups

Published On 02/11/2014

"Heart to Heart" Support Group

Methodist University Hospital

First Fridays (except July 2014) | 1:00 p.m.
Innovation Studio (main floor)
1265 Union Avenue
Contact to enroll: Angel Jones, 901.516.7435

Participants learn more about their condition and how to manage their health through presentations by physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians, and nurses. They also receive blood pressure checks, medication reviews, weight monitoring, education, and support tools. 

2014 Heart to Heart Schedule
January 17: Vital Signs                                                      
February 7: 28 Days to a Healthier Heart                        
March 7: Team Up to Pressure Down (medication)    
April 4,: Halt the Salt                                                  
May 2: EMS Your Partner and Saving Lives              
June 6: Coping with Chronic Disease                        
July 1: Diabetes and Heart Disease   How to Live Better                                                    
August 1: Hands on CPR                                                
September 5: Preventing a Stroke                                      
October 3: Your Health Story- How Does It End              
November 7: Heart Smart Holidays                                    
December 5: Moving and Grooving Into the New Year

Congestive Heart Failure Support Program

Methodisth South Hospital

Mondays and Wednesdays | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
1300 Wesley Drive, Professional Office Building, Suite 209
Contact to enroll: Linda Kelly, 901.516.3212

This program provides congestive heart failure patients with blood pressure checks, weight monitoring, education, resource referrals, support and consultations so they can understand and manage their condition. Participants may be referred by their doctor or schedule their own appointment for an evaluation.