Workshops & Seminars

Published On 07/11/2011

ABC’S of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, but what does it take to be genuinely happy? Is happiness the momentary excitement of instant gratification, or the “art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach?” This talk will explore the ways in which our thoughts and beliefs influence the way we feel about circumstances in our lives. Happiness is within reach, regardless of the circumstances, whenever we learn to alter our perceptions of events in order to find acceptance and peace.

Balancing Act: Managing Stress at Home and at Work

People who find a balance in their lives are better able to manage stress. The Stress Cycle is a constant state of tension or pressure that affects a person’s physical and emotional well-being. This seminar will present ideas to restore balance by evaluating individual self-care and personal needs.

Change in the Workplace 

The only thing constant is change. This workshop will normalize change in the workplace and identify positive coping mechanisms to decrease anxiety and re-energize a work team.

Chill Skills: Conflict Resolution 

How do you approach conflict? Do you tend to attack or flee? This workshop will help you identify your style and maximize your strengths and introduce positive steps to increase healthy conflict resolution.

Chill Skills: Managing Anger and Stress

What is your anger style? Do you tend to “lock it up” or “turn it loose?” This seminar will demonstrate healthy ways to manage anger and frustration, while exploring ways to improve communication skills and to decrease stress.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing 

In the event of a traumatic event that affects the workplace, EAP staff is available to provide immediate group support to discuss the event and facilitate healthy, productive discussion.

EAP: How Can it Help Me?

This is an EAP orientation for employees. We explain the EAP benefit, how is the EAP accessed and how can it benefit employees and their families.

EAP: An Effective Management Tool 

This is an EAP orientation for management team. Managers and supervisors will become familiar with how the EAP can assist them in their role as leaders.

Effective Communication: I’m Talking But Who’s Listening?

Do you find yourself trying to keep a lid on your feelings? “Stuffing” your feelings deeper inside leads to even more stress, growing in a vicious cycle until you boil over or lash out at someone. Learning how to express your feelings appropriately through effective communication is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. 

Fresh Start: High Energy Habits to Lower Stress

Learn about the faulty thinking that keeps us stuck and how we can change it. Hear about healthy and unhealthy ways to handle stress and gain greater self-awareness and understanding of others. You’ll come away energized, enthusiastic and with the tools needed to make a... Fresh Start.

Getting Along with Difficult People

This seminar is a proactive approach to improving relationships. It will help you to increase your recognition and understanding of difficult behavior in the workplace and learn skills that enable you to cope with difficult people more effectively.

Good Mourning: Moving Beyond Loss in the Workplace

Grief in the workplace can create a wide range of emotional responses from shock and numbness to tearful episodes. The closer a co-worker feels to a deceased employee, the more intense the response is likely to be. This seminar will help managers and employees find ways to balance human needs with the needs of the organization in a compassionate way.

"He Said, She Said"

Why do men and women have such difficulty communicating with each other? Is it true “Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus?" Learn ways to understand and appreciate our gender communication differences. 

Holidays or Holi-Daze 

Most of us look forward to the Holiday Season. By definition, a holiday is a day away from work…it is a time to relax and be renewed in body, mind, and spirit. Unfortunately, instead of taking a vacation from work, we often make more work for ourselves by attempting to create the “perfect” holiday for our families. We find ourselves stressed and frazzled as if we are in a “holidaze” trying to complete a “to-do” list that never gets done. This talk will identify the stressors that make us feel dazed and frazzled, and will offer ways to modify expectations and to relieve stress. By making a few simple changes, the Holiday Season can be a truly joyful experience!

Mid-Life Passages

We need different developmental tasks, which are skills, knowledge and attitudes at different points in our lives. This discussion will highlight six (6) key developmental tasks we face in mid-life. 

“Papa Was a Rolling Stone”: Surviving a Parent’s Alcoholism

Living with parental alcoholism can teach “lessons” with lifelong consequences: Don’t trust…Don’t talk…Don’t feel. Through this interactive discussion, the predictable impact from childhood to adulthood and the pathway to recovery will be presented. 

Passing on the Pain: Codependency Re-Visited

Have you become so absorbed in other people’s problems that you don’t have time to identify or solve your own? Do you care so deeply about other people that you’ve forgotten how to care for yourself? Through this discussion, you will learn the signs of co-dependence and the pathway to recovery. 

Who’s in Charge? Parenting Today

Things have changed since today’s parents were children! Learn how to recognize these changes and find an effective way to parent today. 

Why Are You Always Wrong and I’m Always Right?

Have you ever been frustrated at the way other people act? In this talk we will discuss Myers-Briggs personality temperaments and learn more about effective ways to understand ourselves and others. We will learn about the sixteen different ways of perceiving, thinking and communicating. This light-hearted look at differences can improve relationships with family, friends and co-workers.