Cancer Clinical Trials

Published On 07/11/2011

For any patient fighting cancer, the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial may arise. Understanding exactly what this means for yourself, your family and your treatment is essential. 

A Clinical Trial is a method of evaluating new drugs on human patients.  All drugs have shown effectiveness in animal testing.  All clinical trials follow specific scientific guidelines to ensure patient safety and are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Clinical trials have four specific phases:

  • Focus on the safety of new drugs
  • Evaluate how well the drug is fighting cancer
  • Focus on comparing the new therapy with the existing standard of care
  • Post-market studies

Participating in a clinical trial is strictly on a volunteer basis and no patient is required to do so. Participants choosing to participate will receive state-of-the-art treatment and close clinical evaluation. 

For more information, speak to your doctor or call the Methodist Cancer Center at 901.516.2579.

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