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Published On 05/13/2013

We offer the latest advancements in mammogram and other breast cancer screening and detection at our Breast Center and Diagnostic Centers—because early detection leads to higher cure rates.

3D mammogram

Digital Mammography

  • Better storage of images
  • Sharper digital images
  • Better detection of microcalcifications.
  • Available at Methodist Breast Center and all of our Diagnostic Centers

3D Mammography (3D Breast Tomosynthesis) 

  • Creates a 3D image of your breast
  • Provides incredibly sharp images that can reveal the smallest abnormalities 
  • Allows for quicker diagnosis 
  • Available at Methodist Breast Center—one of the only facilities in Memphis to offer it

Types of Mammograms

Screening Mammograms

  • For patients who do not have noticeable breast cancer symptoms (new lumps or masses, breast pain, skin changes) following self exams
  • Usually takes about 10 minutes and is performed by a registered radiologic technologist
  • Available at Methodist Breast Center and all of our Diagnostic Centers.

Diagnostic Mammograms

  • Comprehensive radiological examination and consultation.
  • For patients who have an abnormal screening mammogram or symptoms such as breast mass, discharge, pain, dimpling, reconstructed or otherwise altered breast structure.
  • In addition to standard views, the examination may include magnified or spot views, ultrasound, 3D mammography, needle localization, and/or biopsy. Available at Methodist Breast Center in Germantown, Methodist Diagnostic Center – Midtown, and Methodist Diagnostic Center – Southaven.

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