Facial Pain Program

Published On 03/09/2012

At Methodist University Hospital Brain and Spine Institute, we offer several treatment options for patients of trigeminal neuralgia, or facial pain—a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from your face to your brain.

Our team is led by Dr. Madison Michael, Medical Director of the Brain and Spine Institute and Dr. Jeff Sorenson, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Neurosurgery. 

Treatment for Facial Pain

Medicine is often used to control pain; however, our experts specialize in the following treatment options when needed: 

  • Microvascular Decompression—surgery to place a small pad between the trigeminal nerve and the blood vessel next to the nerve
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Gamma Knife)—a finely focused beam of radiation at a problem site in the brain
  • Percutaneous Retrogasserian Glycerol Rhizotomy (PRGR)—a needle injection of glycerol over the trigeminal nerve

More Information

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