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ER Wait Times Available Online
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Thu, 8/19/2010 3:35 PM

Methodist Healthcare is the first hospital in Memphis to make Emergency Room wait times available online for all Methodist adult hospitals. Patients will be able to see approximately how long it will take to see a medical professional, such as a doctor or nurse practitioner, and choose which hospital emergency room best meets their needs.

Patient flow in emergency rooms constantly changes. By posting our wait times online, we’re giving our patients a tool they can use to make an informed decision about where to go for care.

Wait times are accessible online at, using a computer or mobile browser or by texting ERwait to 46786* to learn the wait time for Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital, Methodist North Hospital, Methodist South Hospital, or Methodist University Hospital. Wait times will be updated every two minutes.

Posting emergency room wait times on-line shows our commitment to providing our patients high-quality care and reflects how serious we are about increasing transparency.

A growing number of hospitals across the country are posting ER wait times online. Methodist joins hospitals that are posting wait times to let people know what to expect. The national average wait time to see a doctor or nurse practitioner in the emergency room is 60 minutes. Methodist typically beats that time with an average of 40 minutes.

The ability to post hospital wait times online and other integrated information systems are the result of six years of groundwork to create the electronic medical record that gives Methodist the ability to collect the necessary data. osting emergency room wait times on-line lets patients choose which hospital emergency room best meets their needs.

As always, in case of a life-threatening emergency, patients should go to the closest emergency room where they will be seen immediately, or call 911. *Standard texting rates may apply.

For more information about our Emergency Room wait times, visit

Transplants in Memphis Tennessee
last updated:
Thu, 4/01/2010 1:01 PM

The Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute has had a presence in Memphis for quite sometime and has been evolving at a rapid pace in recent years to meet the needs of our patients. To introduce ourselves today I wanted to share a few facts about why I am so proud to call the Transplant Institute home.

  • Patients have come to Methodist from across the United States for their transplant care. Recently, we have transplanted patients from as far and wide as Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, and Maryland, just to name a few. For those patients, we have overnight guest rooms available for their families.

  • The Transplant Institute is ranked as one of the top ten liver transplant centers in the United States

  •  The Transplant Institute has successfully performed over 420 living donor kidney transplants. Our living donor liver transplant program is currently being revitilized. 

  •  Any patient who has a transplant has more than 15 different health care workers who all contribute the transplant process. This includes surgeons, medical doctors, nurses, social workers, financial case managers, pharmacists and many others.

  • Since we began, the Transplant Institute has performed over 3300 solid organ transplants. In 2009, the transplant institute had a record year, performing 129 liver transplants, 122 kidney transplants, 2 pancreas transplants and 6 combined kidney-pancreas transplants.

  • A little history: The first kidney transplant was performed in 1970 at the UT Bowld hospital. The Bowld was the sixth kidney transplant program in the country. In 1984, the first liver transplant was performed, making UT the 3rd liver transplant program nationwide. In 2004, after many successful years, the Transplant Institute relocated to our new home at Methodist University Hospital. As you can see, the Transplant Institute is a busy place. We spend our time dedicated to ensuring every patient is given the best care during every aspect of their transplant experience.


Amanda Dean is a Nurse Practitioner at the Pre-Transplant Clinic. For more information contact the Transplant Institute at All opinions expressed here are those of their authors and not of their employer. Information provided here is for medical education only. It is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. Locate a transplant surgeon in Tennessee or call 866.805.7710 for more information.


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