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Is Your Life Too Loud?
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Fri, 2/08/2013 5:08 PM
Welcome to February, the shortest month of the year. For many, this is the time of year when we crave comfort – a respite from the dark and cold and noise of daily distractions. This can be an opportunity to learn to lighten our thoughts and feel the warmth of peace. Are you bothered by concerns in your life that unsettle you or overwhelm you with their loud insistence? This might be the perfect time to invite more quiet and calm into your day.

I am blessed to have a life that is full of noise, excitement and travel. What keeps me focused and happy, though, is not the noise but the daily times of quiet and reflection. As a nation we are busy people ready to download the latest song and watch the newest YouTube sensation. We fill our every minute with novelty and action. Often we find that the lure of doing and having more never ends! We are hoping that today is the day we have had our fill. What would it feel like to be satisfied?

The word February comes from the Latin word Februa, which was a purification festival in ancient Rome. During this still winter month, consider the significance of cleansing and purifying your mind. This is a perfect time to reacquaint yourself with silence. Instead of listening to the car radio, try to quiet your mind. Instead of an evening with TV, try to be with yourself, your family members or an inspiring book. When you walk your dog, remain aware of your surroundings rather than talking on your phone. Have you noticed people at the same table in a restaurant who are checking their email or Facebook account rather than visiting with their companion? Perhaps you have become one of those people.

As William Penn said, “True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.” Quieting the mind that is used to agitation and worry is the beginning of a greater sense of renewal and refreshment. If you make space for a bit of silence in your life, you will feel more peace and calm. February is the shortest month, a reasonable time to explore what you can subtract rather than add. 

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