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Can drinking a lot of carbonated water have a negative impact over time?
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Fri, 3/22/2013 3:42 PM

March is National Nutrition Month, and Methodist Registered Dieticians are answering your questions. 

Carbonated water

Q: Can drinking a lot of carbonated water have a negative impact over time? 

A: There is no evidence that regular water is healthier or that carbonated water is more nutritious than regular tap water. Carbonated water has no fat, calories, protein, carbohydrates or fiber. It has no vitamins and no significant amounts of minerals. Different brands of sparkling or carbonated waters may each have a distinct taste, thanks to the amounts of trace minerals that vary among source locations. The amounts of these minerals are so slight that they do not make an appreciable difference in the nutrient value of the water.  

The most important nutritional benefit of carbonated water is hydration. Water makes up 60 percent of your total body weight. Carbonated water is as effective as regular spring water or tap water in replacing fluids lost in urine or sweat.  Conventional wisdom advises everyone to drink eight 8-oz. glasses of water per day. This can be achieved with tap water or carbonated water.

Claims have been made that carbonated water erodes teeth and bones, leaches calcium and increases acidity in the stomach. These claims have not been borne out by experiment. In a healthy human, carbonation of water does not lead to ill health effects. 

(Answer provided by Laura Blair, MS, RD at Methodist South Hospital.)

Registered Dietitians can provide Medical Nutrition Therapy related to blood pressure, blood sugar, preventive care, gluten free needs and some GI disorders, food allergy, decreased kidney function, weight loss/gain and more.

Most insurances cover the cost of nutrition therapy at the request of your physician. Check with your insurance company to find out if your plan covers classes, and talk to your doctor about providing a written request.

More Information:
Contact Amanda Carmichael, BS, RD, LDN, 901.516.6357
Fax physicians requests: 901.937.3334


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