Volunteering in Hospice

Published On 07/11/2011

Scott Hennessy is one of nearly 100 volunteers who show up every day to help care for Methodist Hospice patients. Like our patients, Methodist volunteers come from all walks of life and all circumstances - and for a variety of reasons.

For Scott Hennessy, it’s personal. Both of his parents are deceased and his father was cared for by hospice.

“Hospice is wonderful. It’s a comfort for the family and for the patient,” Scott says. “It was such a personal experience for me I wanted to support other families who were going through it.”

Scott went through extensive hospice volunteer training and was assigned to a nursing home where he provides companionship and support to hospice patients and families. “I can relieve them and help the family. In this (hospice) world, there’s such gratitude because people in hospice know you’re there because you choose to be. You get a friend and you get to be a friend."

Scott encourages others to volunteer and reap the rewards of giving back. “Methodist is very good about matching schedules with opportunity. People who don’t think they have the time, they help you find a way.”

Become a Methodist Hospice volunteer. Contact Rebecca-Jayne Badgett at 901.516.1602 or find out more about Hospice Volunteering & Fundraising at Methodist Healthcare.